Student Spotlight: Lindsey Gaterman

By: Kylie Ponn

Wittenberg senior Lindsey Gaterman has completed a total of 10 internships, both online and in person. Gaterman shares some of her past experience as well as tips for those still navigating the job and internship search.
Some of her most recent internships include Colin Cowie Weddings in New York City, Amazing PR in London, Time Out New York Kids, and Good Housekeeping Magazine.
She also has editorial and contributing author experience writing for Gritstyle, College Candy, The Torch, and Obaz Online Fashion Retailer.
Majoring in English with a Journalism minor, there is also an obvious emphasis and interest in fashion amongst her internships and writing. Good Housekeeping this past January and February was her first hands on experience in fashion not editorial, and from she experienced she loved it.
Attaining the internship, however, did not come easy. While studying and interning in London, Gaterman applied for the Good Housekeeping Magazine internship “on a whim”, knowing it was a somewhat of a long shot of getting the position in New York. After landing the position, she realized she would have to miss a month of school and jump through a lot of hoops to be able to make it happen.
“I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I didn’t go to a small school like Witt; the dedication and help of my teachers, advisors, and Wendy in Career Services helped make it happen, I basically was an online student for a month,” shares Gaterman.
Relating on how hard it is to obtain internships the senior stresses a few main points.
–Speaking on confidence Gaterman says, “you need to believe in yourself before anyone else can.”
–Relating to reaching for more challenging internships and opportunities, “life begins at the end of your comfort zones,” says Gaterman.
–Stressing the importance of emphasizing your skills, “if *you* don’t think you’re qualified then you aren’t,” says the senior.
–Lastly, “follow up, follow up, follow up like your job depends on it…because it does,” concludes Gaterman, “I once emailed a woman a total of 20 times it had to be… but it worked, I got noticed, I got an interview and the job.”
Future aspirations for the promising student include working for a big publishing company in New York City or another large, city. Preferably in a company like Hearst, Condé Nast, or Time, Gaterman hopes to be working in areas dealing with people, lifestyle, fashion, health, and fitness rather as an editorial assistant of some sort.

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