Senior Parisa Bennett Drops Knowledge About Job Searching

By: Brandon Sayers

Senior Parisa Bennett is a highly involved student on campus. As Dr. Wishart’s Supplemental Instructor (SI) for Econ 190, a member of Delta Gamma sorority, Vice President of the Class of 2017, and a Student Leader Fellow, she has grown and perfected her skills, which has translated into an exciting job opportunity after graduation.

Bennett will work for Reckitt Benckiser in Dallas, TX and has committed to a two-year rotational program ranging from Field Sales Rep, Sales Analyst, to Trade Analyst. A dynamic and lively culture is a key part of what Bennett says she’s excited to move to a new city, step outside her comfort zone, and be continually challenged by Reckitt Benckiser’s competitive culture.

Two of the most important aspects of job searching is getting to know the company of your interest, and networking with others. According to Bennett, utilizing her networks was crucial to securing the job. She reached out to a 2015 Wittenberg alum, who then referred her to the company. They helped Parisa prepare for the interview, and connected her to important people throughout the hiring process. Clearly, Bennett’s excellent ability to network gave her a leg up throughout her hiring process. This is something college students and younger people in general need to understand: Networking is an essential way to set oneself apart from others when searching for jobs.

She also emphasized the importance of knowing the ins and outs of a company. She says, “It is so evident when a job candidate knows about the company and is able to develop ‘well thought-out’ questions. If you want to stand out, that is the best place to start.” She echoes an extremely important part of job searches here: Get to know the company of your interest, and the people involved with it.

Bennett says the most important part of her Wittenberg experience was the Communication and Business Leadership Experience program (CABLE), as she learned how to find jobs and gain more confidence as a leader. She also utilized tools encouraged by Career Services such as job boards like CareerShift to attain her past work experiences.

The determined and important steps taken by Bennett has allowed her to earn employment with an impressive company in a completely new region. The importance of these actions cannot be overstated when job hunting. Students need to develop these skills to help them pursue their careers.

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