Meet These Interesting Cincinnati Startups

Cincinnati’s entrepreneurial community has drastically grown since 2010. These companies are innovative, have fresh outlooks on the workplace, and seek to disrupt their given industries. Here are some of the interesting companies in Cincinnati’s startup scene.

Astronomer (Founded 2015)Astronomer_phcwqy

Astronomer’s main goal and motto, is to “Connect and centralize data, from any source to any destination, in real-time.” Astronomer’s founders recognized that a key part of any sustainable business in today’s world is using data and analytics to more accurately and efficiently discover trends to gain success.


Cerkl (Founded 2014)CERKL_omhelg

Cerkl is an online platform that allows an organization to digitally engage with each member of their audience, based on their specific interests. Audience members select specified interests, the desired timing of receiving newsletters and the style of newsletter they prefer. With all of these factors combined, they receive personalized newsletters tailored to each of their interests, at a time that works best for them.


OCEAN Accelerator (Founded 2014)154e0655-4d17-4db6-8666-d99c4f42f4e4_h3qtfl

OCEAN is an exciting accelerator located in the Oakley part of Cincinnati. As an accelerator, it works with chosen startups and sends them through a program that helps “accelerate” their growth. Their mission is to “Increase Gods presence in the marketplace by building into entrepreneurs.” OCEAN fills the niche of a faith-based startup accelerator.


LISNR (Founded 2012)Image result for lisnr logo

LISNR is a company that provides a data transmission protocol that utilizes ultrasonic, inaudible technology that sends data over audio. LISNR is a graduate of the Techstars and R/GA accelerator and has won numerous industry awards for its technology.


Differential (Founded 2013)Image result for differential cincinnati

Differential uses a startup-like approach to enable partners to invent, prototype, test and build digital products that drive growth and keep them ahead of the innovation curve. Their primary services include digital innovation consulting and digital product development.


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