Come Join Us at the Internship and Job Fair

Ivonne Perez ‘20  

On Thursday, November 14, Career Services will be hosting the Internship and Job Fair. It will take place from 11:50 am – 2:00 pm in the lower level of the Student Center. The fair is an opportunity for students to network with employers and recruiters from multiple industries – ranging from education to healthcare to accounting.  

With more than 30 employers in attendance, the fair is a great opportunity for those seeking to network, find internships, summer positions and/or secure a part-time or full-time job after graduation.   

A variety of employers will be joining us such as:  

  • JP Mohler LLC  
  • Kettering Health Network  
  • Miami Valley Child Development Centers  
  • Woda Cooper Companies, Inc.  
  • Speedway, LLC

To see the full listing of employers that will be here, log into HandShake with your Wittenberg e-mail address and password. If you’re having any trouble setting up Handshake come visit Career Services located in the COMPASS area in the library. 

The Internship and Job fair can help bridge the gap from college to career through talking with various employers and recruiters. Even if you’re not quite ready to take on a job, an internship can help gain valuable experience to set you on the right track towards your future career path.  

In preparation for this wonderful opportunity, it’s recommended that you look professional, dressing business casual will do just that! While you’re looking for an outfit, don’t forget to print copies of your resume. Bringing an up-to-date and proofed resume will come in handy when seeking for a job or internship. Perhaps a little practice wouldn’t hurt, talk with friends, professors or stop by Career Services to practice how to reflect yourself well, when explaining to recruiters who you are.  

 If you have any questions or need help building, tweaking or proofreading your resume stop by Career Services. Otherwise we hope to see you at the Internship and Job Fair next Thursday, Nov. 14 from 11:50 am – 2:00 pm.  

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