Our Mission:

The mission of Wittenberg University Career Services is to provide quality services that help students effectively choose, prepare for and launch meaningful and rewarding careers. Using both personalized and technological resources, we assist students in enhancing their Liberal Arts education with “the power of experience”. The Career Services office supports the university mission to help students develop a sense of vocation.

What Can We Do for YOU?

Career Services will help you make connections: with vocation, with majors, with internships, with potential employers. Your success in using those connections to find your calling will ultimately depend on the steps you take to build self-knowledge and experience while at Wittenberg.

We can help you:

  • Bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world
  • Learn about your interests, skills, abilities, and values
  • Synthesize your experience into a strong résumé
  • Broaden your network of contacts
  • Investigate further educational options
  • Change the way you look at the world – and how you see your place in it

Supporting Goals:

  • Provide individual career consulting to assist students in understanding the relationship of their values, interests, personality, abilities and sense of vocation to a changing work world.
  • Guide students through creating personalized four-year plans to help them make the most of their Wittenberg experience and to maximize their career potential.
  • Direct students to experiential learning resources related to their goals, including summer jobs, volunteer work, internships, and special study programs.
  • Provide services to seniors to assist them in making the transition from Wittenberg University to graduate/professional schools or the world of work.
  • Maintain a network of Wittenberg alumni, parents and friends to advise and provide contacts for students and alumni in a wide range of career fields.

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