10 Career Strategies for Undergrads

By: Kamryn Campbell

Planning for your future and for your career begins in college. Career services is here to help, and we are giving you the 10 career strategies to lead productive undergrad years.

  1. Keep Your Grades Up

Even if you were a 4.0 student in high school, college is different. If you just studied the night or even hours before an exam in high school, you will most likely have to put forth a little more effort since this is a higher education. When you apply for jobs and graduate school, they want to see the effort you have put forth in school, so show them a high GPA that will get you hired. They want a candidate who has a great work ethic, not an individual who “tried their best.” C’s may get degrees, but A’s will get you paid.

  1. Explore Who You Are

College is a time of finding yourself and choosing a career that you will enjoy throughout your life. This being said, career services is a great resource to help you discover all of the available career opportunities and help you find the job you believe that you are destined to have. We will help you assess you’re your skills, values, and interests to get you your dream job.

  1. Explore Career Options

Throughout college, connections are essential. Your best way to gain said connections is through our Job and Internship Fair. We host a fair every spring and fall. We also host a graduate school fair every semester, so keep your eyes open for these among other hiring opportunities! This is also a good time to begin job shadowing and researching jobs you may be interested in. Begin forming contact with schools or employers. Having them know your name will be better for when they are hiring. They are more likely to hire a familiar face than a new stranger.

  1. Get Involved on Campus

Wittenberg is known for having an involved campus. When it comes to sports and clubs, you are likely to run into people often as everyone is overinvolved. This being said, job seekers look for leadership skills and involvement when hiring. They want to see your ability to work as a team member and demonstrate problem solving skills. You could even start a student organization. Be proactive and get involved!

  1. Give Back to the Community

Lucky for you, Witt requires that you complete community service to graduate. In addition to this, campus is always hosting opportunities to be involved and give back. Whether these items are placed on your resume or not, they will be beneficial to you when you step into a work environment. They may even be a topic of discussion for your interview. These experiences will help you become in touch with the greater area, putting you a step ahead of your non-volunteering competition.

  1. Develop Computer Skills

In today’s society, computers and technology have become an everyday necessity. With your career, you will likely being making spreadsheets or typing up documents regularly. Learn the necessities for having a professional career and work on keeping grammatical and sentence structures in check. Learning how to make presentations and resumes will also be beneficial when searching for your perfect job.

  1. Build Communication Skills

Out of the ten most sought after skills that recruiters look for, verbal and communications skills are among them. Wittenberg offers services such as the Oral Communication Center and the Writing Center to help you reach your full potential.

  1. Complete an Internship

Internships are a great way to gain insight and experience on a job site. Come in and talk to us about our job and internship board. Feel free to make connections through our annual fairs, but we also offer the job and internship board to post internships and jobs that you may not be aware of. Our Facebook page also posts opportunities, so follow us on social media to learn about all of the experiences available for you!

  1. Prepare for a Diverse World

The workforce is drastically different from the life of a college student. Work for ways to emerge yourself into a new environment such as a job or a study abroad program. It may be different from your desired career path, but becoming acquainted early will lead to better success for yourself.

  1. Use Career Services All Four Years

Career Services is not just for seniors. We are here to help with every process of your career development. Come see us to make your resume, schedule a mock interview, or design business cards. We offer numerous opportunities to help you find your dream job and help you get hired. Visit us for walk-ins or schedule an appointment Monday through Friday in Shouvlin 210. Get your career started today!

Internship and Job Fair: November 10, 2016

By: Kamryn Campbell

Are you interested in a spring internship or a summer job? On November 10, 2016, Wittenberg’s Career Services will host their annual Internship and Job Fair, located on the lower level of the Benham-Pence Student Center. The event will take place from 11:50 AM to 2:00 PM.

With twenty-six employers present, there is no lack in opportunities present for you! If a government job sparks your interest, the U.S. Secret Service is attending in addition to the Council on Rural Services, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and the Wright Patterson Air Force Base – AFLCMC/LG. Other companies in attendance include: Adecco, Aflac, Ahresty Wilmington Corporation, Aldi Inc., Charles River Laboratories, Congressional Bank, CoverMyMeds, Dayton Freight Lines, EF Hutton, HSG/ Code Blue, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., Kroger, Mercy Health, Northwestern Mutual, ODW Logistics, OneMain Financial, Speedway LLC, Stanley Steemer International, Surace Smith, and the Sherwin-Williams Company. But do not be deceived by their names! The Springfield City School District will also be attending, but they are interested in accounting and HR hires. So, to ensure that you do not miss your calling, stop by the fair and talk to the employers about their potential openings. They may have more than what you believe.

In addition to attending the fair, you want to leave a lasting impression on the employers. As you approach them at their tables, give a quick introduction of yourself including your name, your year in school, and your major. Inform them of your plans for your future, then follow up with the steps you have taken to reach your ideal career plan and let them know how their company fits into your plan. It also never hurts to study the employers attending so that you know which areas have a particular interest to you. Reaching out to businesses shows your interest and commitment to them while it will also help you find questions you may be interested in asking. Leave them a copy of your résumé and collect any information they have available such as handouts, brochures, or business cards. With free admission, what is holding you back? Career Services encourages every student to begin networking as early as their freshman year, so branch out and attend the fair! You will not regret it!

Ways To Stand Out With Employers

By: Brandon Sayers

Young college graduates often struggle with finding jobs after they’ve completed their studies, as a high volume of applicants have similar degrees. It’s crucial for graduates to find their own ways of differentiating themselves from others. The most important thing for applicants to remember is that they have to take it upon themselves to make opportunities. Waiting back and hoping job offers pop up (that you’ll actually be interested in) will make it extremely difficult to find enjoyable and fulfilling employment. Here are some ways to stand out with employers, so applicants can get themselves closer to that job they’ve been looking for.

Utilize Your Existing Network & Build New Ones

Whether it be family members, fellow Wittenberg students, Wittenberg professors, or any other circles you’re a part of, it’s essential to connect with and explore opportunities with people in your network. If you feel you don’t have an adequate enough network for whatever reason, you need to take it upon yourself to build new ones that get you closer to the employment you desire. Though it’s not often shown to us during our pre-high school and high school years, the importance of networking with others can’t be overstated when pursuing jobs. To put it quite simply, employers feel more comfortable hiring people they know and trust can perform the tasks at hand. Also, since those in your network know your interests and skills, they can help you find employment you’ll enjoy. Most ways applicants stand out to employers involves applicants working toward this goal of expanding their network.

Show Employers You Can Create Value For Them

College GPAs are certainly a piece of the puzzle, but relying on grades alone often isn’t enough to stand out from others. What employers want to know, is how applicants have created value in the work, projects, volunteering, or anything else they’ve done, and how they may create value in the company. Emphasize times when you were a self-starter and thought of creative solutions to issues. Show employers the times when you left a situation, job, volunteer site, project, etc. better than when you first arrived. If you can show these employers that you offer creative ideas to satisfy clients and customers and grow their business, they will certainly look at you differently than the applicant who clings to their college GPA, but not much else.

Get Your Name Out There

You can’t stand out to employers or build networks if they don’t know who you are. So, taking steps to get your name out there and build your personal brand is important. Some ways you can do this:

Make business cards. You’d be surprised at how uncommon this is, especially with college students. Just creating business cards alone allows the employer to put a face with your name, and show you have made the effort to look more professional, when others haven’t even considered business cards. Make sure your business cards market who you are.

Make A Blog. Everyone is passionate about something. (Professionally) demonstrating that passion in a blog can work wonders for getting your name out there. Firstly, you show that you take the initiative when you create a blog. Building a blog takes time and dedication, and many people simply don’t have the patience to properly build one. Secondly, people can see your passionate ideas about the subjects you’re interested in. This can go a long way in getting employers in your field of expertise to take interest in you. Thirdly, it just helps your personal brand. Far more people are able to see what interests you, and gets to know you on a somewhat personal level, even if they haven’t met you yet. This can entice people to contact you. Finally, building a blog sharpens your writing skills in a non-classroom setting, which is a crucial skill to have in most jobs, as it shows you can communicate ideas succinctly. Examples of great sites to help you build your blog are Strikingly, Weebly and WordPress.

Show Employers You’re Interested In Their Company

Though employers do like applicants that market themselves well, and demonstrating your competencies is important, you also set yourself apart just by expressing interest in the company and its employees. Do research on the company before interacting with them. What does the company do? What are their products? What’s their philosophy? These can all be found by researching their website. Additionally, personally connecting with employers on LinkedIn is a key step in developing a relationship with them. They know you care enough to connect with them when you do this, and it lays the groundwork for future communication. Compiling a list of questions and personally communicating with an employee of the company you’re interested in can really set you apart from others. An employer would certainly favor a person who took the time and had a strong enough interest to personally talk to them about their company, than someone who didn’t even consider it.

Don’t Automatically Refuse Unpaid Work, Especially If You’re Younger

People often criticize unpaid work, such as unpaid internships or apprenticeships. However, especially if you’re younger (high school or early college aged), unpaid internships and work can be an awesome way of directly performing all the tips shown above, and standing out from your peers. First and foremost, it shows the employer that you have a high enough interest in the company that you’re willing to forego pay. This alone goes a long way. Furthermore, this opportunity gives you a chance to show the company your skills, creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities in a real work environment, not just in a classroom. You also have countless opportunities to connect with other employees in the company, maybe even the super-influential ones. It also certainly gets your name out there at the company. You create an opportunity for yourself to show employers your individual and creative thinking, which could make them more willing to hire you into a paid position.

These are just some of the ways college graduates can stand out from their similarly-educated peers. To help their chances out even more, they should start working on these – and other ways they think would set themselves apart – while in college, so that they have a solid network upon graduation that leads to a job.

Fall 2016 Graduate and Professional School Fair

By: Brandon Sayers

The upcoming Graduate and Professional School Fair hosted by Career Services offers a plethora of options for students wishing to attend further schooling. With over 30 schools already signed up, students of all kinds can connect with the schools that interest them! Whatever year you may be, it’s never too early or too late to start talking to recruiters about your plans after graduation.

For those interested in law school, Capital University, Ohio Northern University, University of Toledo, University of Dayton, and Valparaiso University’s Law Schools will be in attendance. Students interested in pursuing religious studies can check out Ashland Theological Seminary, Bethany Theological Seminary and Trinity Lutheran Seminary. Students interested in social work can check out Case Western University’s Social Work program. Students looking for Public Health programs can look at Ohio State University’s School of Public Health. Those interested in teaching can check out Earlham College’s Master of Arts in Teaching program. Those interested in business can connect with Ohio State University’s Fisher School of Business. Schools marketing a wide variety of graduate programs include Antioch University Midwest, Bowling Green State University, Central Michigan University, Chatham University, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), Indiana Wesleyan University, Miami University, Mount St. Joseph’s University, University of Cincinnati, University of Dayton, University of Findley, Urbana University, and Ursuline College. Wittenberg will also be representing their Master of Arts in Education program as well as their new Masters of Science in Analytics program. If you’re interested in schools outside of the States, students can check out the Across The Pond: Study In The United Kingdom, St. Georges University in Grenada, West Indies, and University of Medicine and Health Sciences-St. Kitts.

Before attending, students are encouraged to research the schools that interest them. This helps students engage more with the recruiters. Make sure to ask recruiters questions so that you express interest in their school. It’s a great idea to collect brochures and business cards from the schools that interest you, and to also send a follow up note to the representatives you meet. Whether you’re certain about attending graduate school or not, it never hurts to explore the schools and opportunities available to you. So come down to the Graduate/Professional School Fair located in the Lower Level of the Student Center on Thursday September 8th from 11:50AM to 2:00PM. You never know what connections you’ll make!

Student Spotlight: Zach Brashear

By: Lindsey Heil

As a Business Management major and Sports Management minor, senior Zach Brashear has always had a “passion for leadership and motivating people.” After previously interning with the Muñoz Agency, Total Quality Logistics, and the NFL Character Camp, Zach channeled his experience and hard work into landing a full time job with Speedway after graduation. Starting in May he will begin training in Cincinnati, with the potential of relocating to any of the hundreds of locations in the U.S. after it is complete. During his training he will learn how to manage a store, becoming an Assistant Manager after six months and a District Manager after a year, which will involve him supervising between 6-8 stores on his own.

It’s hard to believe that Zach’s journey began after simply deciding to attend the 2016 all-majors CareerFest in January in Columbus. Immediately intrigued by the company because of their dedication to customers and since their employers “seem to really enjoy what they are doing,” he decided to apply, submitting a resume and cover letter online and getting a call for an interview within a week. A series of five other interviews followed over the next month where Zach interviewed with the Speedway Human Resources Director, all the way up to the Regional Manager, landing the job in February.

Zach believes that the process of applying for this job has allowed him to learn effective organizational and communicative skills that have taught him “how to be able to follow up with people and reach out.” He also seeked support from his professors and Career Services, citing the connections he’s made through his time at Wittenberg as another factor in his success. He’s thankful that the Wittenberg community is “always ready to lend a hand” in order to assist their students in any way possible. Zach stresses the importance of communicating with potential employers, stating that students shouldn’t be afraid to put themselves out there because “the worst thing that could happen is they say no and then you move on.” Zach’s experience is a prime example of what the power of networking and determination can accomplish. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, Zach!

Spring 2016 Job and Internship Fair

By: Lindsey Heil

Are you a student who has yet to find a summer job or internship? What about a senior who is still looking for work post-graduation? Summer will be here before we know it, and now is the perfect time to be making plans to further your career. This semester’s Job and Internship Fair held by Career Services will be on Thursday March 31st in the lower level of the student center. With over 35 companies attending, this is sure to be an opportunity that students don’t want to miss!
Companies will full time opportunities include: Ace Hardware, Ahresty Wilmington Corporation, Gordon Food Service, Miami Valley Child Development Center, Mueller Industries, Inc., Restoration Hardware, Stanley Steemer, TEKsystems, and TS Tech Americas, Inc. Internships available include the Springfield City School District, Riverside Research, OIC of Clark County, and Northwestern Mutual. Part time jobs are available from Visual Anatomy, the Springfield Country Club, and Interfaith Hospitality Network. Companies offering internships and full time jobs include: The Sherwin-Williams Company, The Ohio Department of Transportation, D7-Sidney, OH, Stanley Electric U.S., Springleaf Financial, Speedway LLC, ODW Logistics, Nationwide, Modular Assembly Innovations, Excel (DHL Supply Chain), and Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc. Full time and part time opportunities have opened up for Signet Jewelers, HSG CodeBlue, and CSL Plasma; and Internships and part time jobs are available at Fastenal. Not sure if you want an internship, full time, or part time job? Recreation Unlimited, Five Rivers MetroParks, Dayton Freight Lines, and Cox Media Group Ohio have options in all three areas. The Wittenberg Upward Bound program will also be in attendance, as well as many Wittenberg alum who currently work with a company visiting.
When attending the fair, it’s important to put your best foot forward in order to make connections and a lasting impression. Career Services encourages you to research the companies attending ahead of time so you have a better idea of what interests you. Prepare enticing questions that will help you learn more about the company and be open to talking to representatives from companies you originally weren’t interested in- you never know what opportunities you may find! Bring your resume and leave it with employers when appropriate, and don’t forget to collect brochures, handbooks, and business cards from the companies you are interested in. Admission is free, so don’t miss out on our biggest fair of the year!

Graduate/Professional School Fair

By: Lindsey Heil

The upcoming Graduate and Professional School Fair hosted by Career Services offers many opportunities for students in a wide variety of majors and interests. With over 28 schools already signed up, it’s sure to be an opportunity that students don’t want to miss! Whatever year you may be, it’s never too early or too late to start talking to recruiters about your plans after graduation.

Students interested in law school will have several schools to network with, including: The Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, and The University of Toledo College of Law. There will also be a range of MBA schools present, including: Baldwin Wallace University, Northwood University Devos Graduate School of Management, St. George’s University, Grenada, West Indies, The University of Findlay, The University of Cincinnati, and Ursuline College. Wittenberg’s own M.S. in Analytics and Master of Arts in Education programs will also be present for interested students. There will even be some medical-related schools available to talk to students, including: New York Chiropractic College, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, and University of Medicine and Health Sciences, St. Kitts.  Other schools present include: Antioch University Midwest, Ball State University, Bowling Green State University, Central Michigan University, Miami University, Savannah College of Art and Design, Study Across the Pond, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, University of Dayton, and Xavier University.

Before attending, make sure you’ve researched the schools that you are interested in and have prepared enticing questions to ask them about their programs. It’s also a great idea to collect brochures, handbooks, and business cards from recruiters while you’re there, and don’t forget to send a follow-up note thanking school representatives for their time. Every little bit helps! Even if you’re not sure if graduate school is for you, it never hurts to come see what the Graduate and Professional School Fair is all about. The fair will be held on Thursday, February 25th from 11:30am to 2:30pm in the lower level of the Student Center. Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities and stop by; you’ll never know what you might find!