Happy Spring 2019!

By: Samantha Martens

Welcome back to campus everyone! We hope you had a wonderful winter break full of sleep and lots of homemade food.

Please keep in mind that TODAY (January 11th) is the last day to add classes/credits. So if you’d like to register an internship for credit, be sure to have that paperwork in to us by 5pm! However, we understand that things don’t always go according to plan, or you can’t always get in touch with the right people to sign off on the internship by the deadline, so if you get us your paperwork as quickly as possible next week (the week of the 14th), we’ll make sure you get the credits you need! If Wendy or Teresa are out for meetings, just slide all of your paperwork under Teresa’s door. It’s room 210 in Thomas Library’s COMPASS Sweet Success Center.

And before you completely dive into the semester, make sure that you add these Career Services-related events into your calendars or phones!

  • There’s an OFIC CareerFest in Columbus on Friday, February 1st from 10:00am-2:00pm at the Ohio Expo Center’s Kasich Hall. Show up in your best professional attire with your resume to see what kinds of jobs you can find in Ohio and all over the country! You can check out the companies that will be there by clicking on this link: https://www.ofic.org/careerfest/2019/registered-companies

To register for the event, click here: https://www.ofic.org/careerfest/students/registration

  • The following week, on Thursday, February 7th, is our Graduate/Professional School Fair! That’ll be from 11:50am-2:00pm in Geil Lounge (the lower level of the Student Center), and we recommend that you wear business casual in order to impress all of those recruiters!
  • On Thursday, February 21st, we’ll have our Job and Internship Fair from 11:50am-2:00pm in Geil Lounge (lower level of the Student Center). We strongly recommend that you bring your resume or business card (which you can make here in the Career Services Office!) and dress in business casual so that you can make a lasting impression on the recruiters that you visit.
  • Finally, on Wednesday, March 20th, we will host our annual Etiquette Dinner! This is an event that you must register for, but you can do so by calling 937-327-7521, stopping into our office at Room 210 in the COMPASS Sweet Success Center, or through a link that we’ll be sending out closer to the event. You won’t want to miss Terri Thompson, the Etiquette Consultant, teaching you how to handle professional situations that involve food!

On a side note… If you did something AWESOME last semester or over break, we would LOVE to hear about it! At Wittenberg, we value your learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Your experiences at internships are opportunities for you to see how your hard work relates to the outside world and we would appreciate hearing about your accomplishments! Please tell us about your internship so that your academic department, the alumni, and prospective students can see the amazing things you have done! All you have to do is click on this link: http://internships.wittenberg.edu/ReportInternships.aspx

Use Winter Break to Prepare for Your Future

By Samantha Martens

Happy last week of classes everyone! You made it!

While you’re on that glorious, month-long break from classes, homework, and the general stress of school, consider taking a look at that resume of yours! How out-of-date is it? Do you still have some of your high school activities on there? At this point, you’re probably involved enough here on campus that you can replace those old clubs with the ones you’re currently involved in. This is just one of many little steps that you can take to make yourself feel more prepared for life after school! Even if you’re just looking for a summer internship or a part-time job, these smaller details of your resume are what employers are really looking at.

I know that sounds a little daunting, but that’s why we have Career Services! The office is located in room 210 of the Thomas Library’s COMPASS Sweet Success Center, and both Wendy and Teresa are here to help with all of your questions. Over winter break, think about your goals for the foreseeable future. Are you hoping to find a summer job while you’re home next summer? Look into the company/business/organization you’re interested in to see what kinds of things they require when interviewing and hiring new employees. Do you need a cover letter? How are your interview skills in general? Also, be sure to look into the positions that they have available to see what might best suit you. The last thing you want is a job that you’re not going to be happy with.

After taking these kinds of things into consideration, come back to campus in January and ask Teresa to schedule you an appointment with Wendy! Wendy can look over the resume you’ve been editing, answer your questions about how on earth you structure a cover letter, and then you can schedule a mock-interview so that you can hone in on your skills before you have to go through the real deal! We have so many different ways in which we can help you; all you have to do is reach out and ask.

And don’t forget about our different events throughout the semester! You can view our Events Calendar through our blog page, but for your convenience (and so you can go ahead and mark your calendars now), here’s what we’ve got going on during Spring 2019:

  • The OFIC CareerFest in Columbus: Friday, February 1st from 10:00am-2:00pm at the Ohio Expo Center – Cardinal Hall
  • Our Graduate/Professional School Fair: Thursday, February 7th from 11:50am-2:00pm in Geil Lounge – Lower Level of the Student Center
  • Our Job and Internship Fair: Thursday, February 21st from 11:50am-2:00pm in Geil Lounge – Lower Level of the Student Center
  • Our Etiquette Dinner: Wednesday, March 20th from 5:30-7:00pm – registration is required to attend! Call our office at 937-327-7521 or stop in to register, and bring your friends!

All of these events highly suggest that you wear professional or business casual attire, by the way. It wouldn’t hurt to have your resume or a business card (which we can also help you design AND give you 20 free copies) with you so that you can start networking and really get your name out there.

If you’ve got any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us or stop by! We’re happy to help with all of your #adulting worries, and we’ll do everything that we possibly can to make sure you feel prepared for, and comfortable with, your future.

We hope that you have an absolutely wonderful winter break, and we wish you the best of luck with your final papers, presentations, and exams! You’ve got this.

Introducing Intern Andrew O’Malley

Getting Creative at the Cranach Haus

By Samantha Martens

How did you find out about this internship?

Through the Witt in Wittenberg study abroad program. I had not really heard much about it until we got the list of different internships that were available to us once we were over in Germany.

Did it relate to your major/field of interest?painting.png

Yes, actually. I was really happy about that. I’m an art major and I was very pleased that I actually got to do some art specific stuff while studying abroad. The painting was especially fun to do.

Briefly describe your internship and your duties as an intern.

I was asked to be there at 9:00 every morning and typically the majority of my work would be finished around noon. Every other day there would be visiting students from local schools that would come and work on different art projects. I wasn’t allowed to help them directly but I did assist in preparing for the project, cleaning up afterwards, Windowsand showing them examples of what to do. When I wasn’t working with the students I was given projects to do that would benefit the school as a whole. I prepared for a flower festival for about a week, then I spent the last bit of my time there painting a section of windows for the community to see. Luckily, while we were in Wittenberg, the art school was hosting a traveling artist group from Berlin that was building a tiny house village behind the property. Whenever I wasn’t helping the school, I would go see if the guys from Berlin needed anything. I helped them with what I could, and that helped me to complete my required number of hours for the internship.

What was your favorite part about the experience? Least favorite?Tiny Houses

My favorite was definitely the guys from Berlin. I ended up hanging out with them a lot. They gave me books to read, invited me to bonfires, and a breakfast event they hosted several times. They taught me all the German curse words, and I elaborated on the English ones. One day in particular was really funny. One of the artists was from Puerto Rico, lived in Berlin, and spoke German, and I, an American, was teaching him some basic Chinese. The linguistics were strong that day. My least favorite was probably just that I wasn’t able to interact with the students more than I did.

Did your internship supervisor happen to be a Wittenberg alumni? Or are they unaffiliated with the university?

No. Being a German woman, she was completely unaffiliated with the school.

Would you recommend having an internship during one semester versus another? Or over the summer?

StudentsI really liked that it was during the Spring semester because there’s a lot of outside work involved, so fall wouldn’t really be as enjoyable during the colder months. Although, there are some fall festivals that the school takes part in that might have been really fun to be a part of. I don’t know if I would have wanted it to be during the summer because I’m not sure if the visiting students would still come to work on projects, and I liked being able to help them with their work as much as I could.


Do you have questions for Andrew regarding his internship? Contact him using his Wittenberg email!

Those Dreaded Holiday Questions

By Samantha Martens

Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner!! But do you know what comes along with that? Literally ALL of your family members asking you about what you want to do with your life: “Have you declared a major yet? Oh, English! So you want to teach? What do you mean, ‘no’?” Or “What are your plans for after graduation? Are you going to grad school? Oh, you haven’t figured that out yet…” I could keep going, but I think that would just stress all of us out.

Would you like to learn how to avoid those never-ending questions that you have to answer 17 different times to each individual family member? Stop by and make an appointment at the Career Services office to learn about our tips and tricks!!

Here at Career Services, we can’t tell you which major to choose, but we CAN help point you in the right direction. We’ve got a couple of personality assessments that you could take to figure out where your strong-suits lie (similar to the Strengths Finder test you had to take for FYS). These assessments can also be applied to the type of job you might want to go into. They’re no crystal ball, but we can use the results from your assessment to help you feel a little surer of yourself.

Do you have a résumé? Is it still filled with jobs and activities from high school (Freshmen – this isn’t as much an issue for you as it is for upper classmen who’ve had more experiences at this point)? Both Wendy and Teresa here in Career Services can help you to edit your résumé so that it shows off your most relevant work experiences while still being understated, yet strong. On top of that, we can also help you to write cover letters and create your own business cards.

We also have this great program online called the “Wittenberg Tiger Den: Job and Internship Board” where you can search for jobs all on your own! All you have to do is use your Wittenberg email, create a password, log-in, and fill out as much information as you can throughout your “Dashboard.” From there, you’ll be able to filter out results for jobs that you might be interested in.

That’s not even everything we do! We also host mock interviews so that you can enhance your face-to-face interaction skills while also learning some tips and tricks on how to take part in a successful interview.

Then we have our events such as the Job and Internship Fair where you can occasionally find a job (or internship) on the spot. We have another, similar Fair, but for graduate schools and the programs they have to offer. There’s also our Networking Learning Event and Etiquette Dinner where we have a guest speaker come and talk to us about how to conduct ourselves during different types of professional functions.

So, if you stop by our office (Room 210 in Thomas Library’s COMPASS Sweet Success Center), we can guarantee that you’ll have some type of response to give your grandma, or that weird aunt who only comes to family functions to ruffle everyone’s feathers. You don’t have to panic when Career Services is here to help! Call us at 937-327-7521 to schedule your appointment now.

Introducing Intern Troy Boucher

Climbing the Ladder at Deloitte and Touche

By Samantha Martens

Troy Boucher

How did you find out about this internship?

As a freshman I knew I wanted to be an Accounting and Finance major. I was in the business department one day when I was given the contact information for Deloitte’s recruiters. I sent my resume fall semester of my freshman year and then interviewed for their underclassman leadership conference over Christmas break. I found out in March that I was chosen for the leadership conference in Texas, and then after that conference I was offered the internship opportunity for the summer after my junior year in Columbus.

Did it relate to your major/field of interest?

My internship with Deloitte directly correlated with my major and field of interest. I want to be an Auditor for the Big Four after college and this internship made that possible for me. I have even accepted a full time position with Deloitte after college in their audit practice.

Briefly describe your internship and your duties as an intern.

I was put on two different teams over the course of my 8-week internship. On both of my teams I helped performed tasks for their audit on that specific client. I would do walkthroughs of internal controls with the client and then document it in a work paper. I did a lot of work on Q2 financials for one of my clients ensuring their numbers were accurate. I audited client financials, transactions, and internal processes and gained skill on audit innovation tools and technologies including AS2, EMS, Disclosure Analytics, Signal, etc. to help perform analytical procedures for the audit. I also provided client service through working with client management.

What was your favorite part about the experience? Least favorite?

My favorite part of the internship was using the knowledge I learned in my classes at Wittenberg and applying it to my job. I also loved meeting new people and extending my own network. I not only met amazing people that work within Deloitte but I also met a lot of great people that worked for our clients. I got super close with my internship class and still talk to them all the time.

Did your internship supervisor happen to be a Wittenberg alumni? Or are they unaffiliated with the university?

My supervisor was unaffiliated with Wittenberg, but there were two people that work for Deloitte Columbus that graduated from Witt.

Would you recommend having an internship during one semester versus another? Or over the summer?

I liked having my internship over the summer because it allowed me to focus solely on my professional development and expand my network because I had time to attend the events Deloitte put on for their Interns.


Do you have questions for Troy regarding his internship? Contact him using his Wittenberg email!

10 Things We Love about Job Fairs

By Samantha Martens

This Thursday, November 1st from 11:50am-2:00pm in Geil Lounge (lower level of the Student Center) is the second Job and Internship Fair of the semester! On the chance you missed our blog two weeks ago, let me give you 10 reasons why we love the Job and Internship Fair:

  1. We love making face to face connections. Being able to put a face to a name is one step in the right direction towards getting that job or internship of your dreams. It also gives the recruiters a chance to remember you as they are looking to fill available positions.
  2. We love that students are given the opportunity to learn about positions that are not always advertised on paper. As I was saying in the Spring and Summer Opportunities blog post, you can’t judge a job or internship based on the company. Trust me, just because Speedway is hiring, doesn’t mean you’ll be working in the gas station.
  3. We love that the regional representatives for national corporations attend our Fair! Just like we ask you to look past the company title to see deeper into the company’s possibilities, we also ask that you look past the location where these recruiters are based out of. Just because one recruiter is from Springfield or Columbus doesn’t mean their parent company is. Some of the companies are based in Chicago, New York, and all over the country – including small cities, too. These regional recruiters can connect you to opportunities in these other locations!
  4. We love the opportunity to network. People know people, guys! I’m sure you will all leave a lasting impression by interacting with these recruiters at the Job and Internship Fair. Even though your skills and abilities may not match what their company is looking for at the moment, the recruiter you’re talking with might stop and say, “Wait! You’re qualified to do _____? I went to school/I used to work with _____ and they’re looking for someone just like you!”
    1. For example: I participated in the Career Services’ Mock Interviews this past week, and it turns out that one of the recruiters I spoke with had two friends who were in the field that I’m looking into! It was a very exciting discovery, and I’ll likely get to see this recruiter and speak with her again at the Job and Internship Fair.
  5. We love that you’ll get to practice your elevator pitch. What’s an elevator pitch? It’s a quick introduction about yourself that you can tell to recruiters as soon as they ask the “So tell me a little bit about yourself” question. It’s called an elevator pitch because you should be about to give your name, major(s), and goals in the brief amount of time that it would take an elevator to go from one floor to the next.
  6. We love that students get to dress in their business casual attire. It’s good practice to show up to the Internship and Job Fair looking professional and put-together. If you’re really looking for an internship or a part-time/full-time job at this fair, you want to make sure you leave the recruiters with a good impression of yourself. When you finish talking with them, you want recruiters to be thinking “Wow, that’s someone we could really use in our organization.” Dressing to impress will do the job (pun intended).
  7. We love that students will prepare their résumés for the Fair. Not only do you want to impress the recruiters with your ability to look professional, but you want them to know that you are qualified to do the job as well. Bringing your résumé with you ensures that recruiters will have your contact information and your relevant work experiences right in front of them later on.
  8. We love getting to help students create business cards to hand out. Similar to the résumés, business cards are another easy way to give organizations and companies your contact information. Here at Career Services, we will help you to design your own business card and provide you with 20 free copies of it to use whenever you need them.
  9. We love that some of our recruiters are Wittenberg alumni. 8 of the 35 recruiters coming to the Job and Internship fair have connections to Wittenberg as alumni! For a school of our size, a 23% alumni-connection rate isn’t too shabby; in fact, it’s awesome!
  10. Finally, we love that you could get a meaningful and worthwhile internship or job at this Fair. With 35 recruiters (so far! There is a waiting list!) from all kinds of industries (staffing & executive search, manufacturing, retail/wholesale, pharmaceuticals, financial services, law enforcement & security, non-profit, business, healthcare, transportation, government & public administration, insurance, accounting, automotive, engineering, social service, entrepreneurial, real estate, education, environment, consumer products, and military & defense), we’re certain that you’ll be able to find a job or internship that suits you best.

Contact us at 937-327-7521 or stop by Room 210 in the Thomas Library’s COMPASS Sweet Success Center if you ever have any questions. We’re here to help.

Introducing Intern Claudia White

Hands-on Internship for Educational Studies Major

By Samantha Martens

Claudia White

How did you find out about this internship?

I found out about Friendship in Teams (FIT) Camp online when I was looking for summer jobs where I could get experience with special needs children.

Did it relate to your major/field of interest?

Yes, it did because I am majoring in Educational Studies with a Dance minor, and hope to work with special needs children after graduation.

Briefly describe your internship and your duties as an intern.

I was paired with a speech therapist and acted as her aide with children aged 13-16 in language support classroom. These children were working on their Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals over the summer. We worked on language skills including reading, reading comprehension, writing, and communication skills. In addition, we worked on math skills and socialization.

What was your favorite part about the experience? Least favorite?

My favorite part about being a summer camp counselor at FIT camp was helping the children to reach their goals and getting to work with some amazing people. Also, I enjoyed working with the younger aged children when our groups mixed together. My least favorite part about camp was when the youngest group became sick and the whole school had to be disinfected.

Did your internship supervisor happen to be a Wittenberg alumni? Or are they unaffiliated with the university?

My internship supervisor is not a Wittenberg alumni but she is familiar with Wittenberg.

Would you recommend having an internship during one semester versus another? Or over the summer? 

I would recommend having an internship in the summer.


Do you have questions for Claudia regarding her internship? Contact her using her Wittenberg email!