On-Campus Professional Development Seminar – Thursday 4/26!

By: Justin Luby

Date: April 24th, 2018

There is never a time during your days as a student that you can’t use more professional development support, and more importantly, there is no such thing as a more convenient situation than being able to get this professional development support on campus. Lucky for you, Career Services is Co-Sponsoring a Professional Development Seminar on campus this week with the brothers of Delta Tau Delta! This is a chance to learn that little bit of information that may get you that special job or internship you’ve been searching for right before the year ends. Here are the important details:

  • When: Thursday, April 26th
  • Time: 6:15PM – 8:30PM
  • Where: Bayley Auditorium, Lower Level of BDK Science Center
  • Who: Sponsored by Delta Tau Delta and Career Services

This is quite an opportunity for you to hear from some really special people. At this event, you will first hear Wittenberg Alum and CEO of Champion Trading Company, Kyle Barger. Barger graduated from Wittenberg in 2007 and went on to work in the steel and recycling industry for many years with some very notable companies. A few years ago when Barger was forced to move back home to Columbus due to his father’s health situation, he left his job in St. Louis and started his own company, Champion Trading Group. Having owned the business less than two years, the company has managed over $250 million in business. Kyle is someone you’d be fortunate to have the chance to hear from, and he’ll be discussing “how you can be a rock star in the workplace”. You will also hear from Alumni Heath Queen, a Class of 2016 graduate who serves as the Coordinator for Engaged Learning in the business department here at Wittenberg. Along with these two alumni, the seminar will be rounded off by hearing from the CEO of Magner Metals, Jennifer Betts, who has years of CEO experience in a very profitable company.

They will be giving valuable information regarding interview tactics and pitfalls, developing from a student to a professional, and how to excel in the workplace. This event is perfect for any student looking to learn real information from business leaders themselves! There will be food and light refreshments at the event, so please come on down!


This Week in Career Services!

Date: Tuesday, April 17th

By: Justin Luby

Despite the year coming to a close here in a few weeks, Career Services still has a lot going on and will be active until the end of the school year. With that being said, please don’t hesitate to come into the office in the next few weeks, just because the year is ending soon doesn’t mean we are checked out and have nothing to offer! In fact, we’ve still got several updates for you:

    • JOBS! – Seniors, you’re graduating and we’re sure you may want a job to go along with that. Remember to be checking the online job board for new listings coming in each day. Along with that, our office is still open – we can help point you in the right direction or give you a lead if you come into our office in the next few weeks. Even if we can’t give you a perfect job offer, coming into our office and chatting with us about your goals and what you’re searching for will help us help you, which we’re sure we can do in some capacity.
    • Western & Southern Life is interviewing on Campus – on Thursday, April 19th their recruiters will be on campus in the compass library conducting interviews for a full-time financial representative position. To sign up for one of these interviews, come into career services and reserve yourself a time block. If you can’t make it in before then, send your resume to careers@wittenberg.edu and we will respond with an information introductory packet to the position and to the company. Take advantage of the convenience of location for this interview! Even if this may not be a position you’re sure about, use this as an interview practice and professional development opportunity.
    • Summer 2018 Internship Forms – These are due before you go home for summer break! This applies to internships for credit and not for credit. You’ll need to get an internship agreement form from outside of our office and start getting the signatures you need as soon as possible. 5 total signatures are required and if you wait too long, you could miss the deadline. Be sure to get this completed form into our office before you head home for the summer.
    • Fall 2018 Internship Forms – Students who plan to do an internship in the fall of the upcoming school year will need to get the details of your intended program solidified as soon as possible. These forms aren’t due until you return to campus but you will need to know what type of credit hours you will be receiving for the internship so you can work that into your schedule for the fall. Along with this, you will need 5 signatures as usual, which can take a long time to get. Start determining your plan for your fall internship and although it is not required, consider getting your fall internship agreement form into our office before heading home for the summer so you won’t have to worry about it during break or when you return to campus.
    • NO WALK-IN HOURS OR APPOINTMENTS – This will be the case for just one week, which is the week of Monday, April 30th through Friday, May 4th. If you need to get into Career Services before finals, come in before this week comes along. If you planned on scheduling a meeting or coming into walk-in hours during this week, send us an email and we can figure something out.


At Any Stage In Your College Career, Career Services Can Always Help You!

By: Justin Luby

Date: April 12th, 2018
Wittenberg Career Services can often be misinterpreted to be an office on campus that is only here to do a few things – help you write a cover letter, fix your resume, and help you get jobs and internships. And when you hear “Career”, those are the things you probably think of, so this is understandable. What you probably didn’t know is that Career Services is much more than those areas of interest. Our department is designed not to be geared towards one age or class group of Wittenberg, but rather all of them. You may not believe it, but from the first day you step on this campus as a freshman, we have plenty of resources available to you that can help start you on the path to success early on in your college career. On the other hand, there are plenty of seniors on Wittenberg’s campus that may believe that they have already taken advantage of everything that our office provides, and they are mistaken!
Underclassmen that want to be prepared, confident, and ahead of the rest when they get on campus should head into Career Services right away! Even as a freshmen, you need a resume. You will definitely need a resume for something you experience in your first year, since even many student employment and student involvements positions on campus will ask you to submit a resume with your application. You may not even have a clue where to start with your resume, maybe you have one but you don’t know what else to add or take off of it, or maybe you have one that you can’t seem to format the way you want – no matter what the situation is, come into our office and let us help you! Another very common phrase heard among freshmen students is, “I don’t know what I want to do”. This is something many underclassmen students deal with coming into school, and we’re here to help. If you come into our office, we can pair you up with specialists that will walk you through potential career paths based upon your interests. We also offer personality tests that students can take to show them their strengths and how those strengths could fit into certain job types, which will highlight many career paths you may have never even thought of. Another big misconception from underclassmen students is that graduate school programs don’t want to hear from them or won’t be interested in them because they are too young, which is incorrect. Graduate school programs would rather hear from you in your earlier years so that they can stay in contact with you over the course of your time in college. If you wait too long to look into graduate schools, you may never have the time to weigh out all your options and visit other campuses, and ultimately there is no harm in starting early. Along with these things, our office is highly likely to be able to help underclassmen students with anything that our office is broadly concerned with, so don’t hesitate to set up a meeting or come in during walk-ins as an underclassmen student!
Upperclassmen may have already landed summer internships and applied for some jobs, but there are still several resources our office provides that can continue to develop juniors and seniors in their last years as a student. As a graduating student, your interviews skills are going to be extremely important, which we can help improve. We can teach you the do’s and don’ts of interviewing and even conduct a mock interview for you to practice in a realistic environment. Upperclassmen also need jobs, since you will be graduating soon! By coming into the office, we can give you better job applications results than all of those online applications that you never get responses on are doing for you. Career Services can put you in touch with an industry professional, give you contacts of alumni that could serve as a job lead, set up on campus interviews for your desired company that you can partake in, and much more. In terms of the graduate school path, our office holds program pamphlets and application information for hundreds of graduate schools all over the country, many of which have visited Wittenberg before. Come find out more information about a school you may be considering, and better yet get the contact info of a recruiter on the inside of the program. Along with all of this, upperclassmen can come to events geared towards them such as the Etiquette Dinner, Adulting 101, and the on-campus fairs.

Your Required Internship Forms: Explained



By: Justin Luby
Date: April 9th, 2018
Since the day you arrived here on Wittenberg’s campus, you have heard about the many internships that students on campus experience. Some of these internships are voluntary, some are paid, some are during the school year and some are in the summer – but ultimately, every internship that any student on Wittenberg’s campus completes will only be recognized on your transcript if you turn in the correct forms to register them.
Turning in a form is such a simple concept it seems, but many students struggle to understand the difference between forms, the procedures of filling them out, where and who they turn them into, etc. To help you out, these internship forms will be simplified and explained so that you will know exactly what to do to get your summer or fall internships registered for exactly what you want it to count for.
So, what are the differences between all of these forms and requirements?
When completing an internship FOR CREDIT – you must fill out the “Internship Agreement Form”. These can be found outside of the career services office at the compass center in the library along with many other forms. When you pick up one of these forms, you’ll see that it may take some time to actually complete it due to everything it takes to fill it out in its entirety. You will need to discuss with your academic department if your desired internship is able to be counted for credit, and from there work with them to determine the number of credit hours it will satisfy and whether or not the internship will be counted as a writing intensive. Once this is done, you still have some work to do – you need a total of four signatures to be finished with the form. You’ll need to track down your Academic Advisor, your Faculty Supervisor (The Witt faculty member that will monitor your internship), the chair of your major department, and finally, a signature from your site supervisor when you’re actually at your internship. Don’t waste any time, get this done early! If you’re seeking credit over the summer, you wouldn’t want to ruin your chances by not getting this form in before you leave campus. And always remember, if you choose to count your internship as credit, remember you will pay the fee for each credit you take.
When completing an internship for a graduation requirement, but not for credit – Many of the academic departments on Wittenberg’s campus will require you to complete an internship over the course of your time here, but it’s not actually for classroom credits. This requirement is more so checking off a box; it is not a required course that grants you credits, but still a graduation requirement. When doing an internship not for credit, no payment to do so is necessary and you will not have to go through the same form signing process. Once you’ve officially confirmed a summer internship, fill out the “Internship Agreement Form”, but disregard the credit hour fields and the required signature areas. From here, you will need to coordinate with your academic advisor to determine how you will officially log the internship, as it is specific to each department.
When completing an internship, other forms/logs are necessary for program evaluation. These forms can also be found outside of the Career Services office at the compass center in the library and are used to track your work, evaluate your performance, and get feedback on your experience.
  • Internship Work Hours Log – a simple form to be used to track your work hours throughout your time as an intern. Remember that if an internship is done for credit, 35 hours of work is the minimum equivalent to one credit. These form will be filled out by the student and checked over and initialed by the supervisor.
  • Employer Evaluation of Intern – a form used for your site supervisor to evaluate you at the end of your internship. This uses a rating scale, intending to assess your work, all upon the basis of things such as punctuality, attendance, attitude, etc. This form is to be filled out by your supervisor and it is your responsibility to make sure they fill this out and send it back to the Career Services office upon completion of your internship.
  • Student Evaluation of Internship – a form used to assess the student’s satisfaction and experience they had at their internship. You will evaluate your experience, your supervisor, and your company from your own viewpoint. This form is to be filled out by the student and is not intended to be shared with your supervisor.



Career Services Updates!

By: Justin Luby

Date: March 27th, 2018

As the year winds down, Career Services is offering a lot of different options to Witt students! There are lots of things going on in Career Services that may give you the opportunity to get involved, get internship credit, get a job, or practice your interview skills before heading into summer or coming back onto campus in the fall!

  • Career Services is hiring! For the 2018-2019 year, we are looking for Student Assistants to help us out. The deadline for application is Friday, April 6th by 5:00 pm. We will accept submissions through email – please contact us if you need help with this. Here is the position description:

Duties include but are not limited to –

  1. Greeting students and customers visiting or calling Career Services
  2. Assisting students using various Job Boards
  3. Assist with coordination of career talks and panel presentations, job fairs, virtual career chats with alumni, and other projects as needed
  4. Researching sources of internship and job leads, for information to assist students in the process of finding an internship/job and/or learning about career options and referral of positions to students
  5. Assist with publicizing services and events, which will include but not be limited to:
  6. E-mails to targeted student groups
  7. Writing press releases for The Torch and other publications
  8. Assistance with website updating, links etc.
  9. Developing promotional materials following branding campaign guidelines (flyers, bulletin boards, etc.)
  10. Performing on-air promotions or interviews with WUSO announcers
  11. Assistance in development and maintenance of new marketing techniques such as podcasting, Facebook, or listserves
  12. Overseeing recruiter information sessions (greeting/introducing the recruiter and taking attendance)
  13. Performing general office duties as needed, including maintenance and data entry of Internships, workshop counts, appointments, job postings and distributing publicity materials across campus, etc.
  • Mock Interview Sign-Ups are now open! Practice makes perfect! Sign-up today in Career Services for a Mock Interview to Hone Your Interview Skills! This is an opportunity to get some practice in before you head into summer job and internship interviews. These interviews will be done with an industry professional! To sign up, you’ll need to come to Career Services and claim your time slot by April 6th. These interviews will be held on April 9th, so although it is just practice, prepare yourself before then!


  • Summer Internship Forms are due soon! There is not a hard deadline, but we advise that these forms are turned in before you leave campus for the summer. Any person planning on completing an internship for credit over the summer will need to submit a form to our office with the signature of your advisor, department chair, and faculty supervisor, and site supervisor, so you will need some time to get all of these signatures. Be proactive and make sure it gets completed and brought to Career Services before the year ends

Finding a Job or Internship – How to Use Alumni to Your Advantage

By: Justin Luby
Date: March 22nd, 2018
Searching for a summer internship or that post-graduation job that will kick off your career can be tough. The process repeats itself over and over again each day – you go online and find a list of jobs that you’re interested in, you fill out tons of applications, writes tons of cover letters, and then you wait. And wait. And wait. It seems today that you may get one response for every ten online applications you fill out, which is a lot of time wasted. So what is another path we can take to landing a job?
Interpersonal relationships and direct contact with a member of the company is one of the easiest ways to get results. Career Services holds a job and internship fair twice a year for a reason – we want to give students a direct line of communication to a member of a company, and it has worked wonders for Wittenberg students in the past. Of all the recruiters present at these fairs, which of them are we specifically excited about? The alumni.
Wittenberg alumni are incredibly special to our university, as we could not exist without them. Wittenberg alumni want to give back to their alma mater, and one way they love to give back is by helping current students in their career paths. Using alumni to your advantage in your job search will increase your results and may present you with the opportunity of your dreams. So the most important part; how do you get into contact with Wittenberg alumni?
To get into contact with recruiters, companies, and Wittenberg alumni, we have a few options for you:
  • Wittenberg Career Services Job & Internship Board – use the recruiter research and company research tools to find thousands of contact information. Within the recruiter research tool, you can specify whether to search specifically for alumni or for general recruiters. Here, you can find the names and contact info of all recruiters that have registered with Wittenberg. Also on the job board is the company research tool, which can be used to extract contact info of individual people at a company. Within the job board, CareerShift is another great way to filter alumni.
  • The Career Services Office – If you need a contact at a certain company, in a certain field, with a certain relation to you, or for any reason really, come into Career Services and we’ll help you out. With years of experience communicating to alumni and to recruiters, there is no doubt we’ll be able to help you!
  • LinkedIn – As the most popular platform for professional networking, LinkedIn is something that almost every working man and woman have in the world today. With this being said, it is a great way to get into contact with alumni. When searching for people on LinkedIn, filter your search to show alumni of Wittenberg University. From here, you’ll get a list of thousands of Witt alumni that are out working in the world today. You now can view all of their occupations and send them InMail, which is LinkedIn’s version of personal messaging. Never hesitate to reach out!
Use these resources! There is no easier way to get into contact with a company than speaking with them directly. Use the time that you would spend filling out ten online job applications to get on a call or write an email to a recruiter or an alumni and you will be satisfied with your findings. Most importantly, come into Career Services if you’re having trouble reaching out or need practice communicating with alumni.

The “Elbows on Edge” Etiquette Dinner – March 21st, 2018!

By: Justin Luby

Date: Thursday, March 15th, 2018

As a part of Wittenberg’s commitment to prepare you for life beyond your education Wittenberg is hosting the etiquette dinner “Elbows on the Edge” for students to learn proper dining etiquette as it relates to the working world and interacting during employment interviews involving meals.

This is an easy and delicious opportunity for you to learn some important skills that will support you and your career for the rest of your life! It can never hurt to know how to eat in the most proper way at any job interview or meeting you attended during your career.  This hour and a half that you choose to take out of your Thursday night here on campus could earn you the job of your dreams one day.

The Details:

  • Date: March 21st, 2018
  • Time: 5:30PM – 7:00PM
  • Location: Shouvlin 105
  • Dress: Business Casual
  • Cost: $20. Mandatory Registration!

Etiquette consultant, Terri Thompson, will facilitate the dinner and will address the following topics:

  • Navigating the place setting
  • Eating tricky foods
  • Host and guest duties
  • Table conversation
  • And the ins and outs of dining during an interview

The delicious meal will begin with a selection of hors d’oeuvres, salad, Parmesan Crusted Chicken,  Herbed Butter Linguine for the main entrée, and end with a mouth-watering dessert.

If you are interested in purchasing a dinner reservation, please register online at cs.wittenberg.edu using your credit card by Friday, March 16th, 2018.

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.  Please feel free to contact Teresa Cantrell at (937) 327-7521, or via e-mail at tcantrell@wittenberg.edu.