Signing Off

Alrighty Tigers! I know you haven’t heard much from us here on the blog, but we’ve been trying our best to keep you all updated through our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages! Be sure to check out our video explaining how to do pre-recorded interviews, as well as some of our student success stories. We’ve interviewed students from freshmen to seniors, so be sure to watch them talk about the exciting internships and jobs that they’ve had or will have in the future!

As a senior, this is my last blog post for Career Services before I graduate in a couple weeks. But be sure to check out the blogs again next year, though, because we’ll have another awesome student employee keeping campus up to date on our events and opportunities!

If there’s one piece of advice that I had to leave you with, it would be to network. NETWORK WITH EVERYONE!! I have had so many incredible experiences on and off campus because I’ve visited Career Services and networked. I visited Wendy, our Director, during the Fall semester of my freshman year, and because of her connections I met a Wittenberg alumni who now works at Clark State Community College’s Foundation Office. After a brief interview, I created a self-designed community service proposal and completed my 27 required hours at Clark State and started to learn more about grant writing, which is ultimately my career goal.

Then, during the Fall of my junior year, I was at the Job and Internship Fair working, and I didn’t even speak to the recruiter from 91.3 WYSO, but he also happened to be an Wittenberg alum, and when he spoke with Wendy and Dr. Waggoner (in the Communication Department) about the type of internship he was looking to fill, both of them gave him my name! He works for WYSO’s Development Office, which also deals with a lot of grant writing, and I was given his contact information to schedule an interview for a summer internship! I helped out at the office from May to August, and not only was it a great learning experience, but I gained a lot more confidence as a grant writer during my time there as well.

When school started back up this past Fall, I participated in the mock-interview week sponsored by Career Services and local job and internship recruiters! I had one face-to-face interview, and then one phone interview, which was a definitely a new experience for me. But the phone interview actually resulted in a new connection for me! It turns out that my interviewer has a friend in town who is a grant writer, so she got me in touch with him, and I met him over winter break to discuss grant writing, how to get involved in the field as a recent graduate, and all kinds of great stuff!

Anyway, the point of this is not to brag about the opportunities I’ve had through Wittenberg over the past 4 years, or to convince anyone to become a grant writer. My point is that if you reach out to your professors or the faculty and staff here on campus, you’ll be opened up to a whole new world of connections that could provide you with some really amazing experiences! If you’re trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, do your community service hours or find an internship in the field that you think you’re interested in. From there, you can decide whether or not you enjoy what you’re doing or if you think something else might be a better fit for your future.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Networking can get you pretty far, and you’ll meet some truly incredible people along the way.

It’s been an honor writing the blogs for Career Services, and I hope that you all continue to take advantage of the opportunities that the Office has to offer! Go to the job and internship fairs, go to the networking events, be at the grad school fairs, improve your etiquette skills at our annual dinner, and just take advantage of all the ways that Wittenberg helps you to prepare for your future.

Thank you. 🙂

Mock Interviews: Part 2!

By Samantha Martens

ATTENTION EVERYONE! Career Services will be hosting mock interviews for the second time this school year during the week of April 8th! If you heard about the mock interviews that we had last semester but you missed out on them, now is your chance to try again! Speak with real recruiters and business people (some of whom are alumni) just to test out your interview skills. There are no strings attached, and there are no jobs or internships on the line. This is simply a chance for you to get more comfortable with the interviewing process. BUT YOU HAVE TO SIGN-UP BY FRIDAY, APRIL 5TH AT NOON!

There are peach-colored sign-up sheets on the door of the Career Services office, located in Thomas Library’s COMPASS Sweet Success Center. We’ve got opportunities for you to practice interviewing Monday through Thursday in 30- or 45-minute time slots. So feel free to sign-up for the date, time, and time increment that works best for you! You can practice interviewing for jobs, internships, or graduate schools, so we really cater to all your needs!

These mock interviews are truly a great opportunity for Witt students. I myself participated in the mock interview during Fall semester, and I’m so glad that I did! I had one in-person interview, and it went really well. My interviewer gave me a lot of helpful feedback and asked me questions that you could expect to hear from any normal interview. I took part in a second interview as well (because practice makes perfect!), and that one was over the phone. It was very different because I’d never done a phone interview before, but it was just as helpful as the first one! My interviewer threw some curveball questions at me, such as “If you had to guess, how many windows are in New York City?” or “How would you describe the color blue to a blind person?” These questions definitely threw me off a little, but I knew that she only asked them to help prepare me for any surprises in interviews in the future.

Not only that, but when my phone interviewer found out that I’m a senior, she asked me about what I wanted to do after graduation, so I told her about my interests and hopes and she actually connected me with two of her colleagues in Springfield who do EXACTLY what I’m interested in! So in this one interview, I got to practice my interviewing skills, I was pushed to think outside the box, AND I got to make some great networking connections!! I met up with one of those colleagues over winter break, and we talked for an hour-and-a-half about his experiences in the field. It was an awesome chance for me to learn more about my interests from a professional in the area!

So you never know who you might meet as part of these mock interviews. Even if you don’t happen to make any ideal connections, you’ll at least get some great practice with interviewing. Prep yourself for when you have to go to an ACTUAL interview for your dream job, internship, or grad school. Like I said, practice makes perfect, so be sure to sign up for the Career Services Mock Interviews the week of April 8th! Call 937-327-7521 if you have any questions.

An Educational Etiquette Dinner

By Samantha Martens

Attention everyone! You have until THIS FRIDAY at 5:00pm to register for this year’s FREE Etiquette Dinner!

The event will be next Wednesday, March 20th, in Shouvlin 105 from 5:30-7:00pm, and we ask that you wear business casual clothing to get an idea of what the real-deal work dinners will be like. And just to say it again, THE WHOLE EVENT IS FREE!! So join us for some tasty hors d’oeuvres leading up to the meal, then some salad, and finally parmesan crusted chicken and herbed butter linguine with accommodations for vegetarian, vegan, and dietary restrictions available! And don’t forget about the dessert! It’s an absolutely mouth-watering treat, but it’s a surprise, so you’ll have to register for and attend the event to find out what it is.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been to the etiquette dinner before or if you’ve attended every year that you’ve been on campus… Just be sure that you don’t miss out on this great learning opportunity! At the Etiquette Dinner, you’ll meet Terri Thompson, the professional etiquette consultant who knows everything about the dos and don’ts of professional dinners and so much more. This event is part of Career Services and Wittenberg’s goal to prepare you for life beyond campus. The dinner will teach you proper dining etiquette as it relates to the working world as well as how to interact during employment interviews involving meals.

To register for this amazing event:

  1. Go to the Tiger Den Job & Internship Board – all Wittenberg students already have an account!
  2. After you click on the link in step #7, you’ll enter your WITTENBERG EMAIL in the box that says “EMAIL ADDRESS*” and then select “Find My Account”
  3. Then update your profile
  4. Go to your “Dashboard”
  5. Scroll down a little, and under “My Events” you should see a link for the Etiquette Dinner
  6. Click on that, push the “Sign Up” button, and then you’re good to go!
  7. Link to the Tiger Den Job & Internship Board:

We can’t wait to see you there and to learn about all of the great etiquette tips that Terri has for us! If you have any questions in the meantime, call the Career Services office at 937-327-7521 or send Teresa Cantrell an email at

See you next Wednesday!!

Join Us for the Job & Internship Fair

By Samantha Martens

It’s that time again! Are you all ready for the Spring Job & Internship Fair? It’s TOMORROW, February 21st from 11:50am-2:00pm in Geil Lounge (lower level of the Student Center)! Get ready to break out your favorite business casual outfit to impress all 38 recruiters who’ll be on campus. We have 6 organizations with international locations, 12 organizations who have corporate offices located in Ohio with branches across the country, and 20 local organizations for those of you looking to stay close to campus.

Corporate locations in Ohio:

  1. American Trim
  2. Clearstead
  3. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
  4. Council on Rural Services
  5. Dayton Freight Lines
  6. Madison Correctional Institution
  7. Ohio State Highway Patrol
  8. SafeAuto Insurance Company
  9. Security National Bank
  10. Speedway LLC
  11. Stanley Steemer International, Inc.
  12. Woda cooper Companies, Inc.

International Locations:

  1. Charles River Laboratories
  2. Express Employment Professionals
  3. Fastenal Company
  4. Honda Logistics North America, Inc.
  5. Mitsubishi electric Automotive America, Inc.
  6. TEKsystems

To see the FULL listing of recruiters who will be here, follow this link and enter your Wittenberg email in the box that says EMAIL ADDRESS*. Then you can create a username and password for yourself. Once you’ve logged in, click “Go To Dashboard” at the bottom of the page, find “My Events,” select Spring 2019 Job and Internship Fair, and go wild.

We can’t wait to see you at the Job and Internship Fair tomorrow!

How to Rock Your Résumé

By Samantha Martens

Alright Tigers, when was the last time you looked at your résumé? And I mean REALLY looked at it? When applying for internships, jobs, or grad school, your résumé is one of the most important aspects of your application because it’s the first impression that employers or recruiters get to see of you. It tells them about your education, your experiences, your past jobs, your extra-curricular activities, and more. It shows them your skills, qualifications, and passions.

But speaking of first impressions and ways in which recruiters or employers can contact you, be sure to consider your social media accounts. We all have them, and we all like to post about the fun things we do, but you may want to reevaluate any super embarrassing or misleading photos or posts that you made. If the company or school that you’re applying to sees anything that could be considered inappropriate on your accounts, that may affect their opinions about you, unfortunately.

Knowing this, you want to make sure that your résumé is really dressed to impress! You should be conscious of the formatting, for instance. Templates are fine to use, but they’re often hard to maneuver. Simply using a bullet point system, or Roman numerals, is a much easier way to organize your résumé while still fitting in all of the necessary information. You also have to make sure to include your contact information! Your name, email, phone number, address, and a link to your LinkedIn account are all good options that employers or recruiters can use to get in touch with you. Keep in mind that your name should be large and across the top to that it stands out!

Next you should list your Education. Include the type of degree you’ll be receiving (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, etc.), your major(s), minor(s), and GPA (as long as it’s above a 3.0 – if it’s not, consider putting you Major GPA instead). If you’ve studied abroad, you can definitely add the name of the university that your program was affiliated with, too! It can also be helpful to list any relevant seminars or training sessions that you’ve attended. Your résumé is the place to showcase all of the different types of experiences you’ve had that will benefit you as you enter the professional world.

Then you get to your previous Employment and Experience. What’s the difference between the two? Employment specifically includes paid work that you’ve done, while experiences can be any kind of volunteering, unpaid internships, or relevant classes you took that could be beneficial to the position that you’re applying for. When you add these to your résumé, make sure to provide the Company’s Name, the Job Title/Position, where it was Located, and the Dates of your employment. This section shows that you’ve done relevant things to what the employer is looking for. Make sure to use action verbs, too! Show them that you have done exactly what it is that you’re listing on your résumé.

Your Skills and Abilities section should list any special things that you are familiar with that are relevant to the position. At this point, most people are fairly skilled with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, but if you’re an ace with Excel, or you’re especially comfortable using Publisher, let your employer or recruiter know that! Or if you’re bilingual, that’s another really impressive skill that can make you stand out. Did you do a class project that is relevant to the kinds of things you’d be doing with this company or school? Tell them about it! They’ll be thrilled to see what kinds of things you can do that sets you apart from the other applicants.

You should also plan on listing the Activities and Honors that you’re involved with, because, as we all know, Witt students are 100% over-involved, and you should show off your dedication! If you’ve been recognized for your work with a particular club, or if you made it into your department’s Honor society, be sure to list that on your résumé. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. But make sure that it’s relevant to what you’re applying for! 😉

This also applies to any Memberships and Affiliations (as long as they’re relevant to the job, internship, or school). For example, if you’re applying to Seminary School, you should definitely include information about the church you attend, or the Young Life group that you lead! On the other hand, if you’re applying for a non-profit job, it’ll be helpful to show off that you’re a member of the Grant Professionals Association, or anything similar. Those kinds of things can really help you out!

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the Objective. This is a short little sentence at the beginning of your résumé, and it should be as specific as humanly possible. For example, if you’re applying to be a paralegal, your objective should simply say: “A position as a paralegal for the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.” That is your entire objective (or reason) for applying for the paralegal position, so that’s all you need to say! Honestly, the objective could be left out of your résumé as long as the cover letter is focused, specific, and the job title is somehow worked in there.

Even now that you know all of this, your résumé isn’t going to be perfect right off the bat! You’re going to have to draft it multiple times and have multiple people look over it for you, like the Career Services staff and a couple of your professors! You can ask these people about the order that you list the different sections in (chronological vs. functional), as well.

These are simply some of the basics of building an awesome résumé. We would love to see you all stop by the Career Services office (Room 210 in Thomas Library’s COMPASS Sweet Success Center) so that we can help you edit and perfect your own! Our goal is to help you have a mind-blowing résumé so that all these recruiters and employers will have no choice but to accept or hire you.

Graduate & Professional School Fair

By Samantha Martens

Have you ever considered going to graduate school? Even if you’re only a freshman, it’s never too early to start building good connections with grad school recruiters because they really do remember students from year to year. And seniors, if you’re not immediately going to grad school, but you know you want to go at some point down the line, make sure you head over to Geil Lounge, in the lower level of the Student Center, on Thursday, February 7th from 11:50am-2:00pm for our biannual Graduate & Professional School Fair! And make sure you show up in your best business casual outfit to impress all 26 recruiters.

We have representatives from all kinds of programs, such as:

  • Theology/Seminary
  • Post-Secondary or Higher Education
  • Environmental
  • Non-Profit/Philanthropy
  • Social Services
  • Veterinary
  • Law
  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations
  • Business
  • and Finance/Banking/Insurance

Don’t see your ideal program on this list? Come and check out all of the different schools that are going to be at the Fair! When you follow this link and enter your Wittenberg email in the box that says EMAIL ADDRESS*, you can create a username and password for yourself. Then, once you’ve logged in, click “Go To Dashboard” at the bottom of the page, find “My Events,” and select the Spring 2019 Graduate/Professional School Fair to see the full list of registered schools! Be sure to keep in mind that just because a recruiter from your program-of-choice isn’t at our Fair, doesn’t mean that the school itself doesn’t offer your program! All you have to do is ask around, and I’m sure the recruiter will at least be able to tell you whether or not the program is offered at their institution.

While you’re at the Fair, you’ll be able to network with representatives from graduate/professional schools about their programs as well as the application process in general, because we all know how intimidating THAT can be! It’s like applying for undergrad, but you usually need a CV (curriculum vitae), and then there are all kinds of different interviews, and it’s just nerve-wracking in general. But that’s why we host these Fairs! We want to you feel comfortable talking with these recruiters and we want you to know the right questions to ask.

Speaking of questions, if you ever have concerns once you decide on the program and university that’s right for you, come see us in Career Services! We know pretty much everything there is to know about CVs, which are basically just written overviews of your experiences and skills. It provides graduate/professional schools with your academic background, including any teaching experience, degrees earned, research completed, awards received, publications, presentations, etc. And if you’re nervous about the interviews, we’ve got you covered! We can help you run through mock-interviews till we’re all blue in the face. We’ve got tips, tricks, and helpful hints that’ll turn you into an interviewing pro in no time!

So don’t hesitate to come to the Fair this Thursday. In the long run, it can only benefit you! Talk to a few different recruiters, see what they have to offer, and figure out what steps you need to take to be ready to tackle graduate school!

The OFIC CareerFest

By Samantha Martens

The OFIC CareerFest is THIS FRIDAY, February 1st in Kasich Hall at the Ohio Expo Center (717 E 17th Ave. Columbus, OH 43211)! The event is from 10:00am-2:00pm and you can go at your earliest convenience. And did we mention that it’s absolutely FREE FOR STUDENTS?!

OFIC stands for the “Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges,” and Wittenberg is lucky enough to be a part of that organization! This means that we get access to all these career fairs, just so you can have a chance to learn more about job opportunities in Ohio and all around the country! With 88 organizations already registered, you’re bound to find something that suits your fancy.

The only thing you have to do is follow the link here to learn more about all of those different recruiters, and follow this second link to register for the event. Unfortunately, there will not be university-provided transportation to CareerFest, but if you talk to your friends you could probably get a whole group to go! Even if none of you have any idea what you want to do with your life, this could be a great starting point. Simply by attending, you’ll be able to work on your “elevator pitch” (the little story you tell about yourself that includes your name, major, interests, and plans for the future), your networking skills, and hopefully you’ll find an organization that really speaks to you. And please keep in mind that just because you’re not a senior doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the opportunities that are available to you through Wittenberg and the OFIC CareerFest!

Most of your professors will understand if you have to miss class because of this, especially because you’re going solely to try and figure out options for your life after undergrad. And besides, there will be organizations like:

  • Aldi Foods,
  • City of Columbus – Division of Police,
  • Columbus City Schools,
  • the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department,
  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service,
  • DHL Supply Chain,
  • Family Resource Center of Northwest Ohio, Inc.,
  • Honda,
  • IES Internships,
  • JPMorgan,
  • Konecranes,
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital,
  • Ohio Department of ________ (literally almost everything),
  • Henry Schein Animal Health,
  • Speedway LLC,
  • State Farm,
  • TEKsystems,
  • Verizon Wireless,
  • and more!

These are only a fraction of the organizations that will be in attendance! And just because a business like Aldi’s is hiring, doesn’t mean that they’re looking for cashiers. Aldi’s Headquarters are frequently looking to fill corporate jobs, among other things! So you really don’t want to miss out on this. You’ve got plenty of time this week leading up to the event to stop by Career Services (Thomas Library’s COMPASS Sweet Success Center, room 210) for any help you might need. We can assist you with your resume, business cards, networking techniques, and pretty much anything you can think of! We’ll see you throughout the week, and we wish you the best of luck when you go to CareerFest!