Happy Thanksgiving!

By Samantha Martens

We are all so ready for this short break from classes… Even though we still have assignments to work on, we shouldn’t lose sight of what this break is all about: WORKING ON YOUR RÉSUMÉ!!! Just kidding, but it’s something that we in Career Services hope you’ll think about during the time off.

Now that we’ve had our second Internship & Job Fair, those of you who attended should consider prepping and perfecting your résumé, cover letter, and maybe even shopping for a more professional wardrobe (it’s almost Black Friday, guys). For those of you who missed the November Fair, stop on over to the Career Services office in Thomas Library’s Compass: Sweet Success Center! We have job/internship descriptions and contact information about almost all of the employers who came to the August and November Fairs, and it’s available to you on the table outside of Teresa’s office. If you can’t find anything that suits your fancy from those folders of information, it’s nothing to worry about. We also have our Tiger Den Job and Internship Board that is comprised of opportunities JUST for Wittenberg students! And if there’s STILL nothing that speaks to you, we can help you navigate CareerShift, which is a national version of the Tiger Den program. We would love to see you stop by the office, and we can help you with pretty much any questions you might have about deciding on a major that best fits you, working on résumés/cover letters, taking personality assessments to see what kind of job would be ideal for you, and SO much more.

But back to business. Over Thanksgiving break, Career Services would love to have all students take a good look at their résumés to see which past “Work Experiences” would be most applicable to the job or internship that you have found (or are about to find) for the Spring semester or even summer break. On your résumés, you want to highlight past jobs or volunteer opportunities that will best apply to the position you’re applying for. If you have any sort of questions about that, or you’re not sure what you should include, feel free to stop in to the office during our Walk-In hours (Mondays and Thursdays from 1:30pm-4:15pm) or call in and make an appointment at 937-327-7521. Our Walk-Ins and appointments are open through the end of the semester! We want to make sure that you feel confident and prepared to tackle any upcoming interviews, or to talk to recruiters at the next Internship and Job Fair, or apply to that grad school of your dreams. It’s our job to help you out with all of this, so do us a favor and stop on by!

And don’t forget to keep an eye out on our Facebook page! We are frequently posting new job, internship, and volunteer opportunities for you to take advantage of. While you’re at it, you might as well follow us on Instagram and Twitter, too, because we can be pretty hilarious, and we post memes, so what’s not to love?

Have a wonderful break, everyone!

In Case You Missed It

By Samantha Martens

As many of you know, last Thursday (November 9th) was our second Fall Internship & Job Fair! If you were unable to attend the event, the Career Services Office has got you covered. Right outside of our offices, located in Room 210 of the Thomas Library’s Compass: Sweet Success Center, we have all sorts of information about the employers, companies, and businesses that came to the November 9th Fair, as well as those who attended the Fair on August 24th. Our collection also include the booklets from both Fairs in case there is not a folder for the company you are looking for. The booklets are simply a full list of every employer who registered for the Fairs, as well as a brief description of what kind of jobs or internships they are looking to fill, and contact information for the representative(s) who came to the Fair! We highly recommend that you come check these out, because we’ve got folders for:

  1. The Springfield Arts Council
  2. Woeber Mustard
  3. Project Woman
  4. Benchmark Family Services
  5. AT&T
  6. Mike & Rosy’s
  7. Interfaith Hospitality Network
  8. 3 WYSO
  9. Charles River
  10. Ohio Legislative Service Commission
  11. The Fuller Center for Housing
  12. Developmental Disabilities
  13. Wags N Wiggles
  14. United Senior Services
  15. The Springfield Masonic Community
  16. Security National Bank
  17. HSG/Code Blue
  18. One Main Financial
  19. Adecco
  20. CSL Plasma
  21. National Trail Parks and Recreation
  22. Cox Media Group
  23. Safe Harbor
  24. And the Springfield Museum of Art

If those aren’t enough options for you, stop in to the office and we’ll help you get set up on our Tiger Den Job and Internship Board. Through this “search engine,” you can search for jobs, internships, and part-time positions that have been specifically offered to Wittenberg students! We also have the Career Shift program, which is similar to the Tiger Den, but it’s on a national scale.

Also, be sure to remember that a company’s name does not define the positions they have available! As I have said before, your major does not define you, but it helps you to solidify your strengths and highlight what you are most passionate about. Take Woeber Mustard, for example. As of August, they were looking for part-time Label Developers! Just because the company produces mustard, sauces, horseradish, and vinegar does not necessarily mean that you will be on the production line. They want students who will be able to help them develop their label and advertise that to the public. The same situation applies when you look at the Springfield Masonic Community! At this most recent Fair, they were looking to fill STNA, LPN, Dietary Aide, Housekeeping, Security (on weekends), and Cook positions. The point is, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Not only do we have information about the employers, the positions available, and the phone numbers/emails for the represented businesses, but we also have all the fun and FREE stuff left over from the Fairs! At the same table as the folders, we have a basket of pens, rubber bracelets, stress balls, water bottles, notepads, calculators, shoe polish, card holders for the backs of your phone, hand sanitizer, key chains, lanyards, and lots more! See if you can find items left over from the company of your choice and enjoy the fact that, even though you missed the Fair, you can still find everything you need here at Career Services.

Student Spotlight: Matilda Patterson!

By Samantha Martens

Say hello to Matilda Patterson, a Mathematics major here at Wittenberg. With a little bit of help from the Career Services office, Matilda found an amazing internship last summer that was right up her alley!

Matilda worked as a Data Center Engineering and Desktop Support intern at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group). As an intern, she helped make sure the companies’ technology worked correctly for trading at the Chicago Board of Trade. Being in Desktop Support, Matilda also helped with tech support needs such as trouble-shooting for CME employees and clients. One of the parts she enjoyed the most was the fact that she got to work with people in multiple departments.

Some of her other favorite aspects of the internship include the culture that was created by her boss, Jeremy Norman. Especially compared to other departments in the building, the Data Center Engineering and Desktop Support team was unpredictable, always laughing, creating a fun and friendly environment, and very welcoming. Another great part of the internship included the opportunities provided by the internship program. Matilda told me that she was able to network, attend talks, work under mentors, take part in activities specifically for tech students, be creative, come together with the rest of her team, volunteer, and listen to other departments discuss their roles in the company. The talks she attended were about anything from Women in Networking to B.O.L.D., which was a black organization for networking and support.

But Matilda says she really got by with a little help from her friends here in the Career Services office. Her initial goal was to do research, so she started applying to all kinds of jobs but kept getting responses that sounded something like, “Thank you for your interest in the position, but…” When I asked her how she finally discovered Career Services, Matilda said, “It was time for me to get an internship.” So she went online and found the Career Services website! Matilda said that the most helpful part about the office was the assistance we provided with “LINKED-IN!!!” Having never really bothered with the website before, Matilda told me that she hadn’t taken it seriously and didn’t even have a profile picture. “Wendy [Smiseck] went into mother mode” and made Matilda take a picture to use, helped her with her résumé, and employers actually began looking at her LinkedIn profile! “Wendy went the extra mile,” says Matilda, and she loved that the Career Services office opened her eyes to the professional world.

“In the career world, it’s not really about your major, but what you can do,” Matilda told me. I was curious about how she discovered her internship specifically, and she explained that she took a chance on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group because she wanted to give the corporate world a try. Once she got there, they put her on a tech team, but her Math major and background certainly helped. It’s important to keep in mind that your major does not define you, rather, it helps you to solidify your strengths and highlight what you’re most passionate about.

Matilda said that her internship and the experiences that went along with it taught her one thing: “I don’t want a job where I’m just comfortable. I always want to be a little uncomfortable.” Since this internship was such a great chance for her to use her skills, I asked Matilda whether or not she thought she would work for the company again? All she could say was that there may or may not be a chance to work for them in the future. She definitely would, though! She thought her internship was “a very humbling experience,” and she is “grateful for the opportunity” it provided her.

So if you’re interested in finding a job, internship, or volunteer opportunity that’s as amazing as Matilda’s was, stop in to the Career Services office, and we’ll get you started on the right path! You can also stop by the Internship & Job Fair TOMORROW (November 9th) from 11:50am-2:10pm in the Lower Level of the Student Center to find your very own job or internship! We have 25+ employers coming to the Fair, so be sure to take a look at the opportunities they have to offer.

November 9th Internship & Job Fair

By Samantha Martens

It’s that time again! Next Thursday (8 days from now), November 9th, is the second Fall 2017 Internship & Job Fair. Join us from 11:45am-2:00pm in the Lower Level of the Student Center if you are interested in an internship for Spring or a summer job for after graduation. Make sure to bring copies of your résumé, and try to be dressed in business casual or professional dress so you can make good impressions with the different companies.

There will be a combination of returning employers and employers who are coming to campus for the very first time, so if you missed the Fair at the beginning of the semester, now is your chance to interact with some fantastic people! Not only are there great internship and job opportunities, but at least seven of the recruiters are Wittenberg Alum! The companies with alumni representatives include:

  • Aldi’s,
  • Dayton Freight Lines,
  • Interfaith Hospitality Network of Springfield,
  • Speedway,
  • Stanley Steemer International, Inc. – which is Alumni OWNED!
  • TEKsystems,
  • And WYSO Public Radio

And DO NOT LET THE COMPANY NAME DETER YOU! Just because you get an internship with Aldi’s does not necessarily mean that you will be a grocery bagger (unless that’s what you want to do, and in that case, go for it!). In the past, Aldi’s has hired students for summer management positions. The same thing goes for Speedway; just because you get a summer job with Speedway does not mean that you will be working in one of their gas stations. Speedway has hired Witt students to work for their marketing departments, or for assistance with graphic designing! These are just two examples, but it is vital that you don’t judge these books by their covers. You could be missing out on some great work experiences if you do.

So far, we have 27 out of 35 employer spots filled, so there are plenty of chances for you to find an internship or job that might suit your fancy! When you come to the Fair, be sure to sign in at the top of the stairs with the Career Services student employees, Teresa Cantrell, or Wendy Smiseck! We’ll have information booklets with details about the different companies and employers so you can get a little overview of the opportunities that are waiting for you in the Lower Level of the Student Center. You can also learn more about employers on our Tiger Den Job and Internship Board! We would absolutely love it if you came in to visit us to learn more about how to log in to the Tiger Den. We’re only here to help, so if you have any questions about the Fair, the Tiger Den Job and Internship Board, or anything in between, PLEASE feel free to stop by (Walk-in hours are Monday and Thursdays from 1:30-4:15pm, or you can schedule an appointment)!

Our Computers Are Up and Running!

By Samantha Martens

Those of you who had visited the Career Services office when we were still in Shouvlin 210 know that we used to have computers available for students to use. Well, during the move into the Thomas Library’s Compass Sweet Success Center, the Career Services computers got pushed to the back burners while we were trying to get everything set up. But the wait is finally over! The Career Services computers have been installed around the pole that sits directly in front of Teresa Cantrell’s office.

At these computers, you will find Career Services student employees working on instructions for the Job Board, writing blog posts, maintaining the Career Services social media accounts, and much more. These computers will also be available for you to use with Wendy Smiseck or Teresa so that you can take Personality Assessments, start your Wittenberg Tiger Den Job Board account, look at CareerShift, edit your résumé, discuss your cover letter, and anything else that you might need assistance with!

We are extremely lucky that we get our very own Career Services computers to use. The four computers that are about to be installed around the pole will solely be for students visiting the Career Services office, which makes things easier than trying to gather around Teresa’s computer! We really look forward to working with students on these computers from now on, and we hope that you’ll visit us soon!

Make sure you check out the Career Services blogs in the next couple weeks! During the week of October 30th, we’ll have a student spotlight about Matilda Patterson and the AMAZING internship she had. Following that, we’ll be keeping you updated about the upcoming Job and Internship Fair on November 9th, and stay tuned to learn more about the Wittenberg Tiger Den Job Board!

What Will You Be?

By Samantha Martens

As we approach Halloween, I am sure many of you are thinking about what costume you are going to wear. You could always wrap yourself in toilet paper and be a mummy, or you could go out and buy a set of those plastic vampire teeth to be Dracula or his wife. But what if you revisited that age-old question that we are all a little sick of hearing: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Halloween costumes are a great way to explore who you are and how you want the world to see you. This year, you could dress up as a stereotypical teacher if you would like to teach after graduation. You could dress up as a police officer, a banker, a character from a Broadway show, or whatever suits your future fancy!

Are you having trouble figuring out what you want to do “when you grow up?” Come to the Career Services office and schedule an appointment, or visit us during our Walk-In hours (Mondays and Thursdays from 1:30-4:15pm)! As I have said before, we can help you with pretty much anything you can think of. If you need help perfecting your résumé to help impress a future employer, we have got you covered. Do you already have your sights set on a career? We can help you find a grad school or a job/internship opportunity to get you closer to your dream. We help with cover letters, mock-interviews, networking, and much more. We are also able to help you start from scratch with personality assessments, and providing help with picking your major. Just contact or come visit Teresa Cantrell, the office’s Administrative Assistant, and she will get you set up and ready to talk to Wendy Smiseck, the office’s Director.

Challenge yourself to dress up as your dream occupation this Halloween. If you love the feeling of being dressed up as a CEO, a fire-fighter, a professor, a nurse, or anything else you can think up, then stick with that feeling! Follow your intuition and be sure to come see the Career Services office so that we can help you make that a reality. Or, if you are wearing the costume of a profession that you thought you would love, and you are not quite feeling right about it, come see us then, too. We will help you find the best fit for you even if you feel like starting from square one. You can take one of our personality assessments and find out that you were practically DESTINED to be a camp counselor, or a math teacher, or something that you had never even considered before then. It never hurts to explore your options, and in Career Services, we can help you do just that.


By Samantha Martens

Have you taken a moment to check out the Career Services social media pages? If not, you might be missing out! Here a couple links for you to take advantage of:

On our Facebook page, you can find all kinds of job and internship opportunities! There are new postings pretty much every day about different positions available to Wittenberg students. Some of the companies we have posted about include:

  • the Cordell & Cordell Law Firm,
  • the Skylight Financial Group,
  • Dancor Solutions,
  • the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts,
  • Buckeye Prep Academy,
  • American Municipal Power, Inc.,
  • CACI International,
  • Azimuth Corporation,
  • Seed Strategy,
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital,
  • and Specialized Alternatives for Family and Youth

These are just the options posted since last Thursday, and these companies are looking for anything from

  • associate attorneys,
  • to financial planners,
  • teachers,
  • specialists,
  • full time employees,
  • interns,
  • athletic trainers, and
  • case coordinators

The Career Services Office is dedicated to finding opportunities that cater to any area of study, so don’t be afraid to scroll through our Facebook page until you find something that suits you! Three weeks ago, I found an internship/volunteer position through the Facebook page that interested me, so I emailed the contact for the company, and I had an interview last week! These are real positions available just for us Wittenberg students, so feel free to take advantage of them! I was looking through some of the pictures we have posted just now, and I found a summer internship back from 2016 for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, so you can definitely find some pretty cool stuff on the Facebook page. Plus, all of these jobs and internships come straight from the Career Services Job Board, which I will be blogging about sooner than later.

On the other hand, if you check out our Twitter feed, you can see that we have #MemeMondays for those of you who are into fun Career Services memes! We also tweet about our upcoming events, such as Local Part-Time Job and Internship Fairs, Graduate and Professional School Fairs, Open Houses, and the like. And every once in a while, you can see what the office employees are up to (we totally love our staff meetings and the different Fairs)!

Finally, there is our Instagram feed. We do our #MemeMondays on there too, so if you have an Instagram but not a Twitter (or vice versa), you won’t miss out. We post lots of pictures from our events on there as well! For instance, we’ve got some pictures from our Fairs, the Alumni Panel that happened this September, the Etiquette and Networking event, and much more.

To sum it up, be sure to check us out, because you never know what opportunities you might stumble upon. Plus, we think we’re hilarious, and we hope you think so too!