Networking and Etiquette: “How to Adult”

By Samantha Martens

Tomorrow night, Thursday September 21st from 5:30-7:00pm in Shouvlin 105, is the Networking Etiquette Learning Event! At this program, you will have the opportunity to interact with Wittenberg alumni, your fellow students, and Terri Thompson, the queen of etiquette.  Terri is the founder of Etiquette in Action, a business where she travels and teaches others “how to navigate meetings and open houses with potential employers, graduate schools, and other business social occasions.”  Not only does Terri focus on events like this, but she also comes back to campus during the spring semester for an Etiquette Dinner event, where she teaches students the best ways to go about interviews or business meetings that take place during a meal.

To make this even better, the Networking Etiquette Learning Event is completely free! We simply ask that you register online ( so that we have an idea of how much food to prepare.  Be sure to wear business casual attire – nothing too fancy, but you want to look presentable and nice to impress Terri and our alumni!  To clarify just a little bit, business casual is crisp, neat, and should look appropriate even for a chance meeting with a CEO. It should not look like cocktail, party or picnic attire. You want to avoid tight or baggy clothing, because business casual is classic rather than trendy (NO JEANS).  If you would like to wear a suit you are welcome to do so.  We would also prefer that you arrive between 5:15 and 5:30pm because the event will start promptly at 5:30!  At this event, you’ll find answers to questions such as:

  • “How do I enter into a conversation?”
  • “How do you shake hands with someone while juggling a plate and drink?”
  • “How do you eat a hot wing and what do you do with the bone?”
  • “What is the correct way to hand out your business card?”
  • “Is it OK to fill my plate?”

This is a great event for students to get practice with networking, and our alumni are here to help you out. Even though they are mainly here to help you practice your etiquette, you never know if you’ll meet someone who has connections with your future interests!  Our primary goals are to help you feel prepared for interviewing with future jobs/grad schools, socializing with employers, and eating food that has the potential to be very messy so that you’re completely ready to tackle any business/food related situation.

Please join us tomorrow evening from 5:30-7:00pm in Shouvlin 105 to practice your networking and etiquette skills and to try some tasty hors d’oeuvres! See you there!

The Local Internship and Part-Time Job Fair

By Samantha Martens

August 24th was this year’s first Career Services Local Internship and Part-Time Job Fair! With 35 employers in attendance, students had an array of employment opportunities available to them, including on- and off-campus possibilities.  Wittenberg’s Student Employment office was at the Fair for students who maybe do not have their own transportation, or for anyone who would simply prefer to work on-campus.  For off-campus jobs or internships, students could choose from options such as

  • AT&T,
  • EF Hutton,
  • Interfaith Hospitality Network of Springfield,
  • Lowes,
  • the National Trails Parks and Recreation District,
  • Project Woman,
  • Security National Bank,
  • Speedway,
  • the Springfield Arts Council,
  • Springfield City School District,
  • Woeber Mustard Manufacturing, and so many more!

Take Speedway, for example.  Everyone knows it’s a gas station, but as they are hiring, they’re not just looking for gas station staff.  They have positions available for people looking to go into Customer Service, Management, and even Marketing with their nearby corporate office.  With the Local Internship and Part-Time Job Fair, you really have to open your mind to the possibilities that are available to you as a student.  The Springfield City School District (SCSD) is another good example.  You do not need to be an education major to work with them!  At this last Fair, the SCSD had a desperate need for interns to hire in their Human Resources department, so it’s never a bad idea to ask the employers about what they’re offering. There are also a lot more paid internships than what you may think!

I think the biggest thing to take away from the Local Internship and Part-Time Job Fair would be that your major does not limit you to the type of opportunities you can find.  Marketing majors, Communication majors, and Art majors might be a really good fit to intern at Woeber Mustard Manufacturing since they are looking for help with Label Development, but if mustard is just something that you’re really passionate about, go for it!  Don’t let anything hold you back from finding the job or internship that you’ve been dreaming of.

Also, tomorrow (Thursday, September 7th from 11:50am-2:00pm in the lower level of the Student Center) is the Career Services Graduate/Professional School Fair!! Similar to our Local Internship and Part-Time Job Fair, the Graduate/Professional School Fair will have 35 schools available for you to interact with and learn more about. You do not have to be an upperclassman to start looking into grad schools! Be sure to stop by, and we look forward to seeing you there!


Career Services 101

By Samantha Martens

For those of you who have not had a chance to visit the Career Services center yet, let me tell you a little bit about the office…

Wittenberg University’s Career Services office is a place for students of all ages.  You do not need to be a junior or senior to start building your resume, or designing business cards, or searching for jobs and internships!  Personally, I visited the office for the first time as a freshman – mostly because I was doing a project for my English 101 class – but I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to know Wendy Smiseck (the director) and Teresa Cantrell (the administrative assistant).  I have utilized the office a couple of different times to perfect my resume for specific jobs I was applying for, or to take a personality test before I had decided on my English major.  Career Services really has a lot to offer, and if you are looking for assistance with any of these topics, it’s definitely the office for you:

  • Bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world
  • Learn about your interests, skills, abilities, and values
  • Synthesize your experience into a strong resume
  • Broaden your network of contacts
  • Investigate further educational options
  • Change the way you look at the world – and how you see your place in it

The Career Services website ( has links to all sorts of resources you may need, so don’t hesitate to check it out! If you are interested in making an appointment to get help choosing a major/career path, bettering your resume, or finding a summer job/internship, you can call the office at 937-327-7521, or you can make an appointment online.

Career Services also hosts Job/Internship Fairs, Alumni Networking events, an etiquette dinner, Grad School Fairs, and so much more.  Be sure to watch your emails for information, and we have an Events Calendar tab off of this blog page, as well.  We hope you are all having an amazing start to your school year, and make sure you stop by the office to get any sort of career help, or just to say “hello!”

Don’t forget to add us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Meet These Interesting Cincinnati Startups

Cincinnati’s entrepreneurial community has drastically grown since 2010. These companies are innovative, have fresh outlooks on the workplace, and seek to disrupt their given industries. Here are some of the interesting companies in Cincinnati’s startup scene.

Astronomer (Founded 2015)Astronomer_phcwqy

Astronomer’s main goal and motto, is to “Connect and centralize data, from any source to any destination, in real-time.” Astronomer’s founders recognized that a key part of any sustainable business in today’s world is using data and analytics to more accurately and efficiently discover trends to gain success.


Cerkl (Founded 2014)CERKL_omhelg

Cerkl is an online platform that allows an organization to digitally engage with each member of their audience, based on their specific interests. Audience members select specified interests, the desired timing of receiving newsletters and the style of newsletter they prefer. With all of these factors combined, they receive personalized newsletters tailored to each of their interests, at a time that works best for them.


OCEAN Accelerator (Founded 2014)154e0655-4d17-4db6-8666-d99c4f42f4e4_h3qtfl

OCEAN is an exciting accelerator located in the Oakley part of Cincinnati. As an accelerator, it works with chosen startups and sends them through a program that helps “accelerate” their growth. Their mission is to “Increase Gods presence in the marketplace by building into entrepreneurs.” OCEAN fills the niche of a faith-based startup accelerator.


LISNR (Founded 2012)Image result for lisnr logo

LISNR is a company that provides a data transmission protocol that utilizes ultrasonic, inaudible technology that sends data over audio. LISNR is a graduate of the Techstars and R/GA accelerator and has won numerous industry awards for its technology.


Differential (Founded 2013)Image result for differential cincinnati

Differential uses a startup-like approach to enable partners to invent, prototype, test and build digital products that drive growth and keep them ahead of the innovation curve. Their primary services include digital innovation consulting and digital product development.


Top School Districts in Cincinnati

By: Brandon Sayers

This one is for our future teachers. Finding highly ranked school districts with solid resources is among the top factors when teachers look for employment. These are some of the best in Cincinnati.

*Info from and District Websites*

Indian Hill Exempted Village SchoolsImage result for indian hill school  logo

-13:1 student to teacher ratio

-Students: 1,884

-95% graduation rate


Mason City SchoolsImage result for mason city schools logo

-21:1 student to teaher ratio

-Students: 10,603

-97% Graduation rate


Wyoming City SchoolsImage result for wyoming city schools logo

-15:1 student teacher ratio

-Students: 1,894

-95% graduation rate



Sycamore Community SchoolsImage result for sycamore schools logo

-17:1 student teacher ratio

-Students: 5,229

-94% graduation rate


Mariemont City SchoolsImage result for mariemont logo

-18:1 student teacher ratio

-Students: 1,701

-95% graduation rate



Other Excellent Cincinnati School Districts: Madeira, Forest Hills, Kings

Excellent Cincinnati Private Schools: Cincinnati Country Day, Seven Hills, Summit Country Day, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (CHCA)

Top School Districts in Cleveland

By: Brandon Sayers

For teachers, finding a great school district with excellent resources is often a critical issue when deciding their employment. These are the best school districts in the Cleveland area.

Solon City Schools Image result for solon city schools logo

4,720 students

18:1 Student to teacher ratio

98% graduation rate

Beachwood City SchoolsImage result for beachwood city schools logo

1,481 students

11:1 student to teacher ratio

92% graduation rate


Hudson City Schools Image result for hudson city schools logo

4,541 students

17:1 student to teacher ratio

98% graduation rate



Orange City SchoolsImage result for orange schools logo

2,098 students

14:1 student to teacher ratio

95% graduation rate


Rocky River City SchoolsImage result for rocky river city schools logo

2,752 students

17:1 student to teacher ratio

98% graduation rate

Other Excellent Cleveland School Districts: Chagrin Falls, Kenston, Westlake

Highlights From “Northeastern Ohio’s Top Workplaces of 2016”

Every year, the Cleveland Plain Dealer releases a long list of the best places to work in northeastern Ohio. The results are directly based off of scores related to employee perceptions and satisfaction with the companies.

Charles Schwab – 619 EmployeesImage result for CHARLES SCHWAB LOGO

Headquarters:  San Francisco, CA (with locations throughout northeastern Ohio)

Reasons For Listing: Employees like the challenging work and the strong team-oriented culture.


Cleveland Clinic Health System – 41,220 EmployeesImage result for cleveland clinic logo

Headquarters: Cleveland, OH

Reasons For Listing: Employees like the career advancement potential and positive work environment.


Ernst & Young – 1,224 EmployeesImage result for ernst & young logo

Headquarters: New York, NY with large locations in northeastern Ohio

Reasons For Listing: Employees feel valued and that they have a work-life balance.



Incept – 205 EmployeesImage result for incept logo

Headquarters: Canton, OH

Reasons For Listing: Employees admire the big potential of growing the business and excellent managerial relationships.



Medical Mutual of Ohio – 1,870 EmployeesImage result for medical mutual of ohio

Headquarters: Cleveland, OH

Reasons For Listing: Employees admire the company’s leadership and the perks of being with the company.



National Interstate Insurance Company – 544 EmployeesImage result for national interstate insurance company

Headquarters: Richfield, OH

Reasons For Listing: Employees feel the company really cares for them and is open to new ideas.


MedData Inc. – 240 EmployeesImage result for med data

Headquarters: Brecksville, OH (Cleveland)

Reasons For Listing: Employees report that they have autonomy with their ideas and they admire the company’s security and friendliness.


Blue Chip Consulting Group – 86 EmployeesImage result for bluechip consulting

Headquarters: Seven Hills, OH (Cleveland)

Reasons for listing: Employees feel they are making a difference and feel their leadership is strong and talented.


Akron Children’s Hospital – 5,300 EmployeesImage result for akron childrens hospital

Headquarters: Akron, OH

Reasons For Listing: Employees feel encouraged to try new ideas, and like the wide influence that the hospital has.


Foundation Software – 187 EmployeesImage result for foundation software logo

Headquarters: Strongsville, OH (Cleveland)

Reasons For Listing: Employees report strong compensation and the consistent challenge to perform better.